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Join Date: Aug-2003
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What does everyone have?

What does everyone have for set ups? (Aquarium, Terrarium, vivarium, paladarium, cages, wood, plastic) List them even those empty tanx. As you can see what I have in my signature.
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I am not too good with Gallons, so I'll do measurements...

I have one tank that's 3 feet long by 1 foot deep and 1 foot high for my Spotted Python. It's set up with newspaper under the substrate, the substrate is reptibark. She has a terra cotta pot hide. A large fake rock waterbowl. Drift wood and a branch thingy. There's also a background of a rocky natural area and she has a Zoo Med infarred heat lamp.

Another tank is 2 feet long, 1 foot deep and 1.5 feet high. This one is for my Ribbon Snake. It has a HUGE 10" waterbowl (which is a large dog food bowl). The waterbowl has some flat marbels for decorations and gets fish thrown into it everyday. The substrate is newspaper. She has two hides. A coconut one and a terra cotta pot and also a piece of drift wood.

Other than that I have a large Kritter Keeper that's empty and a small one.

Hehe ok so I like to go into detail! lmao

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Location: Nova Scotia
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I have a 1g, two 2gs, a 2&1/2g, four 5gs, two 10gs, a 15g, two 20gs, a 25g, a 33g, two 50gs & the rabbit hutch is 8'x3'x2' (I think).
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grow snakes in Nova Scotia

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Join Date: Mar-2003
Location: St. Louis, MO
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3-75 gallons( 2 are long 1 is tall), 1- 40 gallon breeder 3-20 gallon long, 1 10 gallon, a med critter keeper (for my 2 toads), a large and 2 small critter keepers. I think thats it i have this feeling i'm leaving one or two out.

I just purchased last night a huge display case that i will convert into a cage. The display area of it is. 5 1/2 feet long, 2 1/2 feet wide, and 5 1/2 feet tall. It's huge but it will take some work before i can use it as an enclosure.
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This is what i have:

Bottom left/right=2x20"x18"

I also am in the middle of getting supplies ready for a 6x3x2.5 enclosure for my sav, which i am yet to purchase.
And also a 20G tank which you can see in the bottom right corner and akso a 10g tank. I use the 10 and 20G for babies.
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Join Date: May-2003
Location: U.S.A
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I have one that I built thats 6'x3'x3'. 2 55g tanks, 2 40 gallon critter cages, 5 20g tanks, a bunch of spare 10g tanks and all kinds of rubber maid and sterilites. I also have a few display cages that I am currently converting into cages.
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Join Date: Jan-2003
Location: Montreal, Qc
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I have :

- Four 33g
- One 20g
- One 10g
- One 130g
- One home made enclosure 4ft x 2ft x 2 1/2 ft
- One table/terrarium 4ft x 18inches x 2ft

That's 9 in total !

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Join Date: Nov-2002
Location: Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia
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I have:
three 15 gallon tanks
three 20 gallon tank
one 35 gallon tank
one 5'x2.5'x1' wood and plexi-glass cage
one 7'x2'x4' wood cage
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4- 10 gallon tanks (most empty)
1- 5.5 gallon tank (now borrowed for the meantime for mice)
1- 4x2x2 custom melamine
4- 4x2x1 custom osb
1- 4x2x18" custom osb
1- 3x2x1 custom osb (yes these are the sob story ones)
2- 40"x24"x6" underbed units
4- shoebox sized rubbermaid
10- sweaterbox sized rubbermaids (11 gal)
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Join Date: Oct-2002
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well since im lazy im not in the mood to convert them to gallons
Got one tank for my 2 emperor scorpions, its 100cmx40cmx40cm. Im also working on a enclosure for my beardies, made from wood, this one is 100cmx100x70cm.
Oh i also got another tank which is 90cmx30cmx40cm, im gonna try and divide it and breed crickets in there
Thats it
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Join Date: Aug-2002
Location: hamilton, ontario, canada
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3 X 20gallon, 1 X 25long gallon, 1 X 30 gallon, 1 X 25tall gallon
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Join Date: May-2003
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My animals are set up in a rack system with a few in aquairums for display purposes. I have 2 55 gallon aquairums they measure 36x24x18 right now they are empty but my JCP are gonna go in those. I also have a few 30 gallon longs for my leos.
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Location: Outside of Austin Texas
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I have a 4' x 2' x 18" glass/wood enclosure and 16 ponds.
When I have more than 2 snakes I usually use various sizes of ply/plexi enclosures..

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Join Date: Aug-2002
Location: eastern Ontario (Alexandria)
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This is what I have.

Adult leo rack system with 4 cages that are roughly 40 gallons each.

Baby leo rack system.

2 20 gallons and a 10 gallon here. 10 has a frog in it.

This is my beardie cage, we will be making new ones soon.
There are 2 about 120 gallons and 2 60 gallons.

Here is my 55 gallon.

I also have a 50 gallon, a 30 gallon, a neodeshia (about 30 gallons) and a wooden custon that is about 30 gallons good for airborial. 2 screen customs that are 4 feet high by 1.5 feet squared, a 10 gallon and a 5 gallon, a bunch of plastic critter keepers and a three drawer storage container converted into a leo rack system. All these last ones are empty. Some of the bigger ones were used for beardie babies during breeding season. But I will be building a better set up for them later this year I'm hoping.
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We have....

four 4X2X1s (made by katey and myself!!)
three 55G front openings
one 40G stout
one 30G breeder
one 20G
one 15G
one home made ~12G
ten 10G tanks (6 for corns, 1 for a viperboa, 2 for mice).
various sized rubbermaids in racks.
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