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Gregg M 08-23-03 07:45 PM

Hey look!!!!!!! I turned VENOMOUS........ Like I wasnt already:D LOL

Darlene 08-23-03 08:02 PM

Congrats dude !!!

burmer 08-23-03 08:04 PM


JD@reptiles 08-23-03 08:43 PM


SCReptiles 08-24-03 11:05 AM

I have turned Democrat, and believe me I wasn’t!!!! =(

Lisa 08-24-03 11:08 AM

Congrats to both of you (Gregg and Chuck).

SCReptiles 08-24-03 11:12 AM

This is a vast left wing conspiracy and think Lisa is in on it! I plan to write my congressman about this! =( I am most displeased.

RachelS. 08-24-03 12:49 PM

LOL I hate these kind of posts, but congrats anyway so I can earn another post to the 1000+ I already have :p

Lisa 08-24-03 01:25 PM

Chuck, write your congressperson, your senator, and the president too... I don't think it will help but it will will give you something to keep you busy.

Gregg M 08-24-03 03:28 PM

LOL RachelS, I hate them to...... Thats why I did it....... Plus I thought it was fitting being that I keep hots.....

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