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Another Snake

I own a BRB and I want to buy another snake. I want a snake that is gentle and cool looking. Any suggestions?
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What kind of size are you looking for? You could stay small with a BP or go bigger with a jcp. Both are cool looking.
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!!!!!&*@^$^&#%& CRAP I pressed Reset Form after writing a whooole long thing. Oh well, here goes again:

Okay, you have many many choices - you really need to narrow down.

The obvious choices are ball pythons. Those are interesting, beautiful and tame. They stay a good size, but usually just hang out inside their hide box. Some are also finicky eaters.

Next on the list are carpet pythons, which I would recommend to almost anyone. Because of the SSPs, you can choose by colour, size, pattern, etc. Pretty much all carpets are tame - and if you get a baby and work with it it will definitely be tame. They are pretty curious snakes, always moving around, mine never stay in their hides. They are still handleable, just dont expect to have a snake that will just stay around your neck.

Also recommended are red-tailed boas. Because you have BRB experience you could probably handle a BCC, but I personally recommend BCIs. They are beautiful, stay a decent size (6-8 ft), are usually very tame and mellow.

There are other pythons, such as childrens or spotted pythons. Those are very neat looking, easy to care for, small and tame. I don't know much more about them, sorry.

Then there are small boas, like rosy and sand boas. Those are very colourful, usually tame and very cool to make set ups for (desertic!). But they are tiny.

Other boas like other rainbows, dumerils, yellow anacondas are choices too. They are considerably bigger than rosies and sand boas, but not huge at all. Those tend to be a little higher up on the price spectrum.

Or, if you want to sacrifice tameness for coolness, you can go for an amazon tree boa. They come in millions of colours, are hardy and great arboreal display animals. They are small in size (5-6ft) and great feeders!

There are many other choices, but those are the main ones. You best bet is to look through the forums and see what you like.

My suggestion, if you want a tame, showy, display animal are carpet pythons (irian jaya or jungle, probably). But there is a lot out there, so take your time in choosing!

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i love bps, but i agree with Zoe that they are *not* display snakes. What kind of size were you looking for? This would probably help you narrow down whether you want something on a BCI end of the spectrum or on the Rosy end.
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Dumerils boa
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greyband or honduran
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Answer these questions:

What price range?
Can you provide high humidity?
What size range?
Do you like bigger snakes, or smaller ones?
Does it need to be tame?
Are you looking for a display snake?
Do you like desert, rain forest, plain etc set ups?
Do you care if the snake is a finicky eater or not?

Answer those, and we can probably help you out more
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