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Yes, I have seen bloods just as fat as adult female burms. Not a giant female, but still a large enough animal. Bloods are strong and fast, though they aren't long and they look cumbersome, don't let their looks deceive you, not a snake to be underestimated...
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if you want a boid defenitly go with a bp and a colubrid a corn
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I would watch out for some of the Central American boas(Sorry Linds) Yes some do stay very nice sized 4-5 feet and some can get as large (or very close to Colombians) I must agree on the Insular forms of B.c.i as they stay in the range you are looking for some can be a bit nasty But a hog Island would be a good choice as well as Crawl Cay's (more money) you have a lot of choices in boids (do your home work ) and enjoy what you finally do decide to bring home.

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Here's an example of what I paid for my BCI:

Sonoran: $125 e.
Crawl Cay: $650/pair
Cay Caulker: $200 e.

Both my sonorans are at 5 feet and somewhere around 6-7 years old. The parents of my crawls and the caulker are no bigger than 5 feet either.

There is only one breeder of Crawl Cays here in the US that I know of.

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Indigos are listed at 60" - 103" , that equates to roughly 5-9 ft.
It was just a suggestion. Fine, then get a IJCP. I didn't know i had to be so exact. It won't happen again. A 9ft colubrid is very different than a 9ft boid...
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Depends on the boid Not all of them are heavy bodied.
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Blood pythons..Ball pythons...Solomon isld boas...Childrens pythons....
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