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Old 08-18-03, 11:14 PM   #1 (permalink)
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What's your SCARY drink?

What's your SCARY drink everyone, you know the one drink you despise more than them all.

Bombay Saphire Gin (just disgusting, but a great pass around drink)
Cement mixers (not a fan of the curtled texture)

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Old 08-18-03, 11:18 PM   #2 (permalink)
Please Email Boots
Join Date: Mar-2005
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Vodka! I hate that crap. Makes me think of rubbing alcohol.
*shivers uncontrollably*

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O.k. I will admit mine, but everyone, shut up!


I hate Beer. There I said it.

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Yagermeister (sp?) Got wrecked on it years ago. Can't even smell it now without wanting to hurl.
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I have to go with burmer on this one, Yag. Yag makes me gag. Ick...
The path is the goal.
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I can take straight vodka but that smerinoff ice stuff got hamerd on it last year I am just starting to drink lemon aid now.

This also includs all drink's with suger in it or a texture like cool typhoone and so on you guy's get the picture.
0.1 Jungle Carpet Pythons,
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Hmmmm... Interesting post....... Here's my thoughts.
You must train hard and eat right. 80% of it is in your nutrition and 20% is sweat in the gym. The most important is PROTIEN, you should consume 1.5 grams of protien per lean body weight. If you weigh 184lbs you should have 277-278 grams per day, now divide it by 40. Eat 40 grams per meal and spread it out through the day. I rarely eat carbs, only right after cardio and training so your muscles can get back it's glycogen stores. To train naturally, you must have enough rest for your working and growing muscles. Try this schedule:
3-4 excercise per bodypart. 8-10 reps for 3-4 sets Max.
Monday: Chest
Tuesday: Back
Wednesday: Shoulders
Thursday: Legs( Quads& Hamstrings)
Friday: Arms( Biceps&Triceps)
Saturday: Abs&Calves
Sunday: Rest
Then you do it all over again, To train naturally you need the rest, but train hard and short. The workouts should last around 45- 60 minutes. This schedule will ensure you have enough rest and each workout you will be stronger and lifting heavier!
Here's a post workout drink recipe muscle gains and size: Control your insulin and use it for your benefit!
Insulin is a powerful hormone that is in your body, too much of it will make you fat as a house. But if you can harness it's power you can make DRAMATIC gains!, cause insulin acts as a transport system to take all nutrients to your muscles and make them stronger and fuller, which will make them bigger and grow! Carbs induces insulin, specificly simple carbs, such as sugar. Protien will slow and shut it down.
So here's the recipe:
60 grams of dextrose( corn sugar, you can use regular sugar but dextrose is much better.)
5-10 grams of creatine
10 grams of Glutamine( Amino acid that plays a MAJOR role in muscle synthesis and recovery)
100 grams of Alpha lipoic acid( another insulin stimulator)
1 cup of juice
mix it up and drink it RIGHT AFTER your workout. Wait half an hour( for the insulin spike) Then drink 40-50 grams of pure protien shake. This post workout drinks will be the most important thing, without it you will make little if any gains.
There is the recipe for guaranteed size and strength NATURALLY!
Well thought I'd post my 2 cents! If you have any more questions, let me know.
I look Fear straight in the eyes and laugh my head off!!
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Old 08-19-03, 02:19 AM   #8 (permalink)
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Oops replied to the wrong thread!! Suppose to be the Anyone workout? thread.
I look Fear straight in the eyes and laugh my head off!!
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Rum makes me sick just smelling it now (drank WAY too much of it one night and cant be near it now)

Kieth's beer... while being a very good tasting beer... has something in it that I seem to be allergic to. My stomach bleeds when I drink it

If you meant what is the dangerous drink... GIN. For some reason gin makes me very volatile and unpredictable. I love the stuff but I usually dont have any because of how it makes me act (every bar brawl I have ever been in was when I was drinking gin).
Yah but have you ever smelled cheese? Some of it stinks eh?
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Tequilla (sp)? got hammered on that about 6 months ago and can't stomach it since just the thought makes my stomach tighten up .
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Any alcohol is gross to me. I haven't drank in years. Thinking about it makes me cringe.

Mostly beer. That stuff is just sick.
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Join Date: Sep-2002
Location: Montreal Quebec Canada
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yeah im a guy and i hate beer .... makes me sick and you have to drink a sh*t load of it just to feel a lill dizzy ...

Tequilla is the only drink that I really like
Life is like a grapefruit , wayyyyy better with sugar !!!
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Old 08-19-03, 07:26 AM   #13 (permalink)
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Sambuka(sp) now thats some nasty stuff
Don't forget ReptileFest April 3rd-4th
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Not a fan of vodka, has to be well diluted for me. Like Julie says, it makes me think of rubbing alcohol, ick!

I've gotten very ill on Yager too so I avoid it now!!! That is some evil stuff!!!

What really makes me gag though are licorish flavored liqueurs like sambuca. I can't stand the smell of it alone!

Keeper of 5 snakes, leopard geckos, 1 green iguana, 20+ tarantulas, 2 dogs & a bunch of rats!
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Yeah Mk-ultra! I totally agree! Beer is nasty! Tequila rules! hehe!
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