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-   -   Grant Vg Is Now Legal In America!! ( 07-18-02 04:48 AM

Grant Vg Is Now Legal In America!!
LOL Happy Birthday man!!!! dont do anything i wouldnt do!! :) enjoy!

C.Marshell 07-18-02 06:09 AM

Happy B-Day Grant!!

lance 07-18-02 07:06 AM

have a good one grant

Dom 07-18-02 07:12 AM

Happy birth day Man!

Matt 07-18-02 08:06 AM

happy birthday Grant!

Big Mike 07-18-02 08:37 AM


Cornelsworld 07-18-02 08:44 AM

Happy Birthday Grant

gunnerslakeshor 07-18-02 11:01 AM

Happy B-day
Happy Birthday Grant
Have a cold one fer me while your celibrateing.
I gotta go to work..

Linds 07-18-02 11:07 AM

Happy Birthday! :bounce:

sungazer 07-18-02 12:10 PM

happy birthday make it a good one

Darren Hamill 07-18-02 02:37 PM

Happy Birthday Grant! Have a great day and we look forward to hearing about you're drunken episodes! :D o>

snakedude_03 07-18-02 02:52 PM

happy b-day!

Grant vg 07-18-02 03:08 PM

Thanks everyone!!!!

the plan is to meet up with the family and eat some good food and drink some good beer.....unfortunately, my grandma isn't able to come down, but its probably best because she usually tries to outdrink

We usually stop when either i pass out or she loses her false teeth.....

My biggest gift was this beautiful rain shower today....i couldn't ask for anything more....seeing that my snakes were baking in this whether....and have since cooled down....:)

Laurynn 07-18-02 03:42 PM


Today's Horoscope for the birthday boy:
Expenses pertaining to romance, loved ones, children (or snakes,hehehe) could be higher than expected this year. Luckily you have a natural talent for stretching your money. Tighten the belt and don't gamble. You'll make more money by providing good, honest services.

I know it's cheesey but ya never know it just might be true !!!:thumbsup:

Canadaherp 07-18-02 05:30 PM

Whats a B-day?
whatever it is have a happy one! ? :confused: :confused: :confused:

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