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haha... yeah, kate, that's important I guess! as I said, you can get away with not doing legs if you play sports regularly where legs are a big part of it, and you do an incline cardio thing cause they will work your butt, your shins, your calves. if not, you do have to do some leg work...cheers.
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If you are working out for football legs are especially important, Heavy squats and power cleans are a must to develop explosive power and increase speed. If you are looking to just gain mass heavy weights and low reps are the way to go. For some muscle gains and muscular endurance which really helps during the season high reps and lower weights are needed.

The most important thing is proper diet, high in protein low in fat and protein shakes are a great meal replacement.
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I never bought in to the whole working out at a gym thing
Back when i was going to arnis I told my instructor i was probley going to lift weights He said "no point you want lift weights lift rocks" and that's what i did I could run with a 100 pound rock for like 5 seconds but Sparring will keep you in great shape endurance above all is the most important thing well at least to me
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squats are great for butt and quads. guess it depends on what you want out of your routine. be more specific... cheers.
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There's nothing wrong with protein powders cause all it is is pre-digested potein this type of protein feeds you muscles quicker. CREATINE and all the other nonsence say NO. I am a firm believer in BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS. Eat right and take you vitamins and thats it!!!I have competed naturaly in bodybuilding and even took home 4th out of 165 compeditors a couple years ago. I entered at 185 and only 7 pounds were fat, I had depleated my water to maybe a cap full after every meal. This is strickly the regime for show. I am 215 and pressed 375pounds in my prime and curled 80's a side, Squats were around 450-500 range and my best leg press was 1500 pounds that was my biggest achievement. I am trying to maintain what I got because the weight will get to you eventually. My fingers sometimes wouldn't close after I shruged 6 plates a side. I love bodybuiling and have since I was a kid. I have every FLEX magazine since the begining and due to the fact that I was a natural bodybuilder I could never get my pro card...The IFBB pro's do juice. Shawn Ray is my favorite bodybuilder!!. I have spent years researching and found that the thousans of dollars that are spent on supplemens not including protein powder can easily be supplemented through diet.
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I really don't have much time to work out, so, when I'm at work, during quiet periods, I'll walk or run around the store. I'm on my feet and constantly active all day at work since I'm a sales associate, so, I get it there. I also walk home sometimes rather than catching my 2nd's about a 1/2 an hour walk.
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lol Kate, well Im pretty big into hockey so you dont gotta worry about me having chicken legs.
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One important thing that is commonly missed while working muscles is the squeeze! When you reach the peak of the movement you need to squeeze and hold the muscle before going back. For example when you do a curl dont just fling the weights up and down. You need slow and good form and when at the top......FLEX! I am a believer in heavier weights with less reps for building bulk. I prefer free weights also, but there are some machines at the gym I add in....especially cables. Wait til you are older before spending all the money on powders and suppliments. Now is the time to concentrate on form. Dont forget the old standards...pushups, crunches, and pullups. Good Luck!!
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i play college football right now as an offensive lineman so i know all about gaining weight =D
First off, don't worry about taking supplements to help your growth. In fact, i highly encourage that you use some type of protein supplement. Whey protein is what i've found to be the best. I live in the Texas Panhandle so i get plenty of protein via steaks ;-) But do indeed take supplements, they help so much. Creatine is great too, but i understand what you mean by it all.
Curls are for girls. If you want to fill out the sleeves of your shirt, then work on your triceps. Don't neglect your biceps though, cause every muscle is a good muscle. Your bench press max will go way up when you start building some monster tri's. Have you ever gotten the bar to where your elbows make a 90 degree angle and then dropped the bar on a bench max? That's when your tri's come into play. If you ever take up powerlifting then you'll use bench shirts which help you alot untill you get to your tri's.
Leg strength.. hmm.. squats are the probly the most effective way to get to your thighs. There's not a football routine in the country that doesn't use squats. Try doing some front squats. That's when the bar is resting on your chest rather than your shoulders. If you want to develop some acceleration and crazy speed for scrambling, develop those calfs too. Calf raises are good but they are boring so there's other stuff you can do. Get on a stair master and don't let the balls of your feet ever touch the groud. Or just walk a lap on your tippy toes, it will burn
As for the chest, someone already kinda hit the nail on the head. Bench press, flies, push ups, etc. If you'd like i can send you a college work out so you can get an idea of what to do.
To build mass: Heavy weight w/ low reps.
To build stamina and develop cut muscles: low weight w/ high reps.
Don't forget the incline and decline presses either, they'll give you a huge chest too.
Remember that every pound you put on, the longer it will take you to run that almighty 40 yard dash. Run every day you can. Running up a hill or running bleachers is a really great workout that will take less time than running 10 100s.
And last thing.. Yes free weights are the best. They make you concentrate on your work out alot more because of balance and that used more muscle fibers. Have you ever done lat pulls and felt nothing? I don't know why, but the back muscle will not develop unless you concentrate on it. During your rep, vision what your back looks like and what your muscles are doing while you pull the weight. Concentrate on every work out and you'll feel a difference. When you use free weights, you're way less likely to just do the weight and rack rather than concentrating.

If i remember anything else, i'll post again

**Sorry this post was so long.. I know way more about working out than i do reptiles so i needed to speak about what i know when i had the chance**
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Well i get PLENTY of workout during in da summer i run...and every night and morning i do 50 sit ups....pushups...and things wehre u lay down and keep ur legs of da ground while bringin them forward and back
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OH i use to have a workout bench but when we moved to our current house my dad thru it ouT!!!!!

Also my neighbor is a cop and offered to take me to the Acadamy some day!!!!!
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If you are going to start bodybuilding I highly recommend you pick up the "Encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding" written by Arnold Schwartzenegger (I think he has already proven he knows what he is talking about )

It is a large book but he goes into great detail on how to properly exercise each body part to get the most out of your workouts. Its also a great book for motivation. Every time I finish a chapter I want to run out and start lifting anything I can find LOL

As for the supplements... my own personal opinion is that if you ingest it in a normal meal then its ok to supplement. Creatine is found in all red meat... 2 tablespoons of the stuff is about what you would get by eating 1kg of red meat. I was skeptical about the stuf to say the least... but I did notice a marked improvement in my workouts after I tried it for a month. The main reason I use it now is for the way it inhibits lactic acid in your muscles. This reduces the burning feeling in your muscles and also the soreness you get a couple of days after a big workout. It also helps speed up muscle recovery and makes your muscles take in water so they look bigger. This is a supplement that has been around for a long time now and there havent been many bad side effects that I have read about so I feel its safe to use.

Protein powders are ok... egg whites and tuna are a lot cheaper though. Where I find protein powders useful is mixing shakes or making smoothies. Apart from that I have a hard time getting the stuff down my throat.
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workout whats that. oh thats right that's why i have a high metoblism. LOL I haven't worked out since my volleyball & softball days in highschool. Unless you count walking to the fridge for a soda working out.
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c'mon jeff thats weak, drywalling is easy compared to cement mixing, but that might just be my height being nice to me there i've done both for short times and i'd say drywalling is a lot easier plus cement stuff is much heavier and its even put a lot of bulk on me latley
I agree Cement mixing is tough, but there is a huge differance between Drywalling here and out in Calgary etc.... We do a house in 1.5 days where out where you are it usual runs a week plus, or at least the trades I have seen come from the east or west except for BC all tell me the same thing, they cant beleive how fast you have to actually work in Ontario... 10'000 square foot drywall (3200sq foot house) must be done in 1.5 - 2 days or dont even bother looking for work. Just last week 5 guys from new brunswick came out here that are friends of a carpenter crew here, the boss told them 1.5 days to finish the house and they packed there tools back into the van and went home... Seriously :P
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Geez... I should just get my boyfriend to post in this one... he's huge in to weight-training and all that. He's at the gym 6 days a week, supplements and all that jazz. Myself... I'll don't go to the gym, however I do about an hour of pilates a day at home...
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