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snake_girl 07-17-02 09:11 PM

which one?
Canít decide,

Iím getting my tats done at the end of August and I canít decide on West African Gaboon Viper, Red Spitting Cobra, King Cobra, or the Green Bush Viper for the venomous tat. Which one do you all think I should get?

Any advice would be great!

Laurier 07-17-02 09:18 PM

i personally would have a problem deciding between the gaboon and the green bush viper because they are both my fav. venomous snakes but i do like the gaboon better.


albino 07-18-02 09:14 AM

why not get them all where are you planing to get this done what tattoo shop and where is it located i only ask cause i can recomend an exelent shop in canbridge i have had all my work done there for the past 8 years now and the prices are great and i have alot of tats been in alot of shops but i like this one best

Nicky 07-18-02 09:52 AM

I vote for KING COBRA!

AzR@k 07-18-02 10:15 AM

get the gaboon!

gunnerslakeshor 07-18-02 10:30 AM

Da Tatt
I,d go with the gaboon viper.

snake_girl 07-18-02 11:24 AM

where I go is great!
I go to Custom Tattooing, owned but Mike and Jon Auston, I've gotton all my tats done buy them and they are amazing! its located in london Ontario

thanks for the votes everyone, still not sure though

AzR@k 07-18-02 11:53 AM


Dom 07-18-02 07:11 PM


hostile 07-18-02 08:33 PM

Personally, I would definetly get the King Cobra. Absolutely amazing looking snake

PoiSoNouS 07-18-02 08:39 PM

Just take a look at these...

Chinese tree viper

<a href="">trimeresurus stejnegeri </a>

JKS 07-18-02 08:45 PM

I'd say Gaboon because it's been my fav. snake for a long time. Then again, I've always wanted to get a tat of a Cobra myself.

Can't go wrong with one of each. :p heh

lance 07-19-02 12:11 AM

hey girl there all great choices
but your the one thats going to live with it
take your time and decide on the perfect one you want cause its an expensive mistake to correct.
dont get me wrong im not trying to talk you out of a tatt ive got one myself and thinking of getting another
but i first thought of getting a tatt when i was seventeen my dad said find a good artist and a clean shop my mom said no so i listened to my dad but he also said make sure its what you want not your friends choice
well i just got my first one last x-mas from my kids(not a rep) and im in my late thirties
you dont have to take that long but dont be haste
sorry for the rant

AzR@k 07-19-02 12:25 AM

gaboons are sick! get it..the rest are nuffin compared to the gaboon!!!

lance 07-19-02 01:23 AM

oppinions are like belly buttons everyones got one but what are they good for?

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