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are you still fissh department or have they moved you over if its before six months they can do anything they want but never give up. Theyve been trying to fire me from the prison i work at for two years. Ive ben under investigation for nothing and have had like forty UA's just do your best good luck.
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I think Youkai understands me the most here. The general jist of it was "You're gone in a week, here's your notice"...I can't take pictures of animal neglect because *I* changed all the reptile enclosures. I keep them well fed and clean. I take care of any minor problems such as shedding, humidity, etc. So honestly, I can't get them in trouble for neglect.

The other thing is. She's telling me, the only chance I have at keeping my job is if I neglect the proper care of these animals like everyone else does. Quite frankly, I am not willing to work at a store that enforces that upon its employees.

The owner will do nothing either. Although he likes me, he is the one who supports throwing all ill animals in the freezer and doesn't really give a damn. He just enjoys it when I teach him about snakes.

Tomorrow I'm going to Aaron (the fish guy) and talking to him about how I'm most likely fired and if that's the case if I can keep the sickly reptiles. My argument being that without special care, they'll die anyways, and as they are now, they'd kill them. So either way, all they're going to do is sentance these animals to death.

*sigh* But it really hurts when you think you're doing your best only to realize that you were TOO good. And it's been under 6 months, I'm on probationary period right now so yes, she can do whatever she wants. If I am forced to leave, I'm leaving on MY terms, not hers. I won't give her that satisfaction.

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I'm so sorry for the whole rotten situation. Unfortunately I hear the same general theme over and over from folks who work in pet stores. It's "too expensive" or "too slow" or "not part of company policy" when employees practice good hygiene, change out soiled substrates, feed an appropriate amount of food, etc. etc. etc. Not that there aren't many excellent pet stores out there, it's just that for every good one there's a whole fleet of profit-motivated stores.

Retail businesses thrive on word of mouth and good public opinion. Getting the media involved to show that the animals were not properly cared for before you came might indeed be a good way to get this manager to reconsider her position.
I should hope she's professional enough to consider things from a marketing angle rather than a personality issue. If not, you are better off in the long run not working for her. Publicity might also give you the opportunity to keep those animals from going back to the store that made them sick in the first place.
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It feels like a personal insult, doesn't it?
The thing is, 95% of pet stores carry reptiles simply because they sell. Any more effort and...well, they probably figure you're digging into the profit. And they really do not want someone who understands what is going on.

At the place I just left, that was the single worst issue. It was family owned, this store. Large and the only one in town. The owners are very shrewd people. I could see through them, I could see what their motives really were, and they KNEW it.
I've seen puppies die because they 'might be better in the morning.'
I've seen snakes sold from a tank full of animals where there was at least one death per week - and suspected Inclusion body disease!
My coworkers were mostly kids. Not trained very well, and never bothered to learn more. This is the way it is in most stores. Stuff goes on that they just don't see. We do. The managers/owners/supervisors hate that.
I would have gone public with this store I just left. However, I'm actually moving tomorrow. I never had time.

I would leave on your own terms, whatever those may be. At least don't give them the satisfaction of sacking you.
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No but you can go back in there and with a little voice recorder and tape a conversation with her or another employee about how bad the place was/is going to be after you leave, and about the practice of throwing even slightly ill reps in the freezer. Or go in there after you leave, and when you see it get bad again, then take pics......I don't think there is really anything they can would be about the same as going to a car lot and taking pics of cars. Your not stealing them, hurting them, or otherwise jeopordizing (sp??) their health........and if this is a small pet store, then remember, word of mouth can really hurt their could always go to a local news paper and talk about the treatment of all animals in a specific store, but not mention their name.....
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Well I shall be working in a pet store shortly...within the next month or so. This shop will be owned and managed by people who love reptiles. We're not going to sell fish. Just reptiles and such. Well if it matters, Im proud of people who work in these places who DO care about each and every animal in the store. Thats the way it should be...and if you ever feel like moving into the Staes, you can have the manager position here LoL.

From the business aspect of this...if a snake becomes is cheaper to freeze...I know its awful, but Ive listened to the owner and the manager of this store talk, and when an animal becomes unhealthy, it has to be terminated. It just becomes too time consuming and such to take care of animals that fall ill. I hate this and I shall do my best to keep all of the animals very healthy...

But I do agree, do not give her the satisfaction of firing you, because apprently thats what she wants.

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It might be cheaper to freeze, but it's also illegal to do so in the United States. Denying a reptile veterinary care is against federal law every bit as much as denying a puppy the proper care is. If somebody calls Fish and Wildlife Service or a local animal control officer who is actually willing to enforce the laws protectiing reptiles you as a store employee can be held liable for your actions. If I were you I'd make it very clear to the owners of this store that they are asking you to break the law when they tell you to freeze a sick snake. You don't want to risk being fined for something that is against your better judgment and a very cruel thing to do. I should think the store owners would not want to risk all their animals being confiscated or the loss of their business license as that is not exactly economically feasible.

I've been on the other side of this issue, working as a licensed wildlife rehabber I often report pet stores. While I'm glad to see laws enforced it breaks my heart that employees who never wanted to freeze animals are sometimes the ones who get the worst punishment. Please protect both yourself and the animals and refuse to freeze sick reptiles.
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