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Question Pet Peeves

Well I have been getting annoyed all day long with people at work... so lets here some of your pet peeves!

Some of mine...

- people in front of me that try to merge into traffic doing 130 on the 417 while doing 50

- people that spend 15 minutes in front of me in the checkout line arguing with the cashier over a 25 cent coupon

- People that stomp on the floor all night in the apartment above me

- stupid people

- those little hairs in your collar that pick at you after you get a haircut

- people that drive fast through puddles when you are walking nearby and try to drown you

- people that do not say thanks after I hold a door open for them

- people that do not say goodmorning after I say it to them

- my boss (I am sure that one will make a lot of people's lists)

- people crying
Yah but have you ever smelled cheese? Some of it stinks eh?
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hehe you really want me to list those. LOL

When your driving and allow someone to pull in front of you and they don't wave or nod as to say "thanks"

People who don't use BLINKERS!!!!

The kids that keep egging my car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The kids that also shoot paintballs at my car!!!!!!!!!

People that eat with thier mouths open.

CIGAR smokers ewwwwww. unless it's a black and mild. But i don't concider those cigars.

stuiped, lazy, and ignorant people.

People that hurt animals and think it's funny.

Ok thats enough plus it's time to go home.
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Location: hamilton, ontario, canada
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I dont have very many, but this my ALL TIME PET PEEVE:

When you are in a crowded area, and are following in a line (like in a mall or something), and someone just stops right in front of you after you have been walking behind. I HATE THAT. The entire line gets messed up and it's so frustrating. If you must stop, step out of the line to the side or something! Jeez. hahaha...good thread.
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Pet peeves.....hhhhhmmmmm.....let's see.....

People who are not nice to other people
People who are not nice to animals
People who cross the street 10 feet from the crosswalk
Dogs who keep going the other way when you call them
Whining children
Empty cooler bottles
Movies without endings when I don't rewind my tape far enough
Overheating cars
Politics on every TV channel
Runaway horses
Cats in "season"
Rainy summers

I could go on & on.....

But most of all.....

Last but not least.....

Chuck & his democrats !!!!!
HOW TO .....
grow snakes in Nova Scotia
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Yeah me to, damn I hate cryers...
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Join Date: Aug-2002
Location: hamilton, ontario, canada
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that's a good one darlene... chuck and his democrats. haha... cheers,
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I'm afraid my biggest pet peeve is something that about 90% of the people on this forum are guilty of:

People who don't know the difference between "your" and "you're". Sorry folks.

If you need me to explain the difference, I will.

Other than that, my peeves are:

- Loud, sudden noises or anything that startles me. I get INSTANT mad.
- People who talk when I'm watching TV.
- People who are in my way when I'm determined to get somewhere. 99% of the people who shop at walmart are guilty of this. I realize you have the right to browse, but do you have to take up THE ENTIRE GOD D**N ISLE TO DO IT????? ARGH! MOVE!
- People in general.

How's that?
- Ken LePage
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the idiot that turns right on red if front of me and then goes10 miles an hour (thats 16K for you meteric folks lol)

the other idiot that doesn't take responsibility their own actions and gets mad when they do something wrong, get caught, and blames the person busting them

and finally the fool that gets the real facts and still can't learn the truth
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Location: Ottawa, Canada
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Originally posted by Invictus
People who don't know the difference between "your" and "you're
I don't know what YER talking about! LOL
Yah but have you ever smelled cheese? Some of it stinks eh?
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Please Email Boots
Join Date: Mar-2005
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Wow, this could get very intersting. Here's a FEW of mine. ( I admitted have many)

1. People who drive 40 when the signs clearly say 60
2. People who don't pull over to let you pass when they know its a 60 zone.
3. Does anyone know that there's such a thing as spell-check?
4. Girls who wear hip hugger jeans 2 sizes to small with crop tops! Even the slimest person ends up with flabbing love-handles.
5. People who fart and don't say "Excuse me."
6. People who chew with their mouths open and make disgusting eating noises.
7. Guys who spit!
8. Ads that show all the good parts of the movie so when you finally see it in theater you realize the ads LIED!
9. When I vaccum and my dogs loks up at me, wags his tail, and procedes to roll around on the floor. The carpet is deep brown, the dog is white!
10. Launry soap in the cardboard box-why can't they make it in resealble containers?
11. People who try to aggrevate venomous reptiles.
12. The fact that the above persons never get tagged!
13. The fact that they no longer make SoBe black iced tea!!!!!!
14. Rich people.

Guess that's it for now. I'm sure I'll come up with more.

Julie B.
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People who think their speakers are louder then mine but are afraid to prove it...

People who think hondas are sports cars

People who talk junk but are afraid to back it up...

Those are my worst ones...I have hundreds to list LoL
Those who watch for death from afar~~Me
A drunk girl's words are a sober girl's thoughts...~~'ell if I know
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Here are some of mine.

When you wake up and step into your cat's hairball he prob put there on purpose.
When you hold your snake and he poops on you.
When you take your dog out and he runs off while you are in boxers and don't have a choice but run after him.
When you finish cleaning your snake cage and as soon as he hits the new newspaper, he poops on it.
when your cat starts biting your feets at 3am.

Could go on and on...
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Former Moderator no longer active
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Location: Christchurch
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Oh TOO MANY TO LIST... but I'll put a few of them down anyways...

= the army
= the government
= politics
= everyone else that is driving at the same time I am
= bad grammer/spelling
= dishonesty
= broken promises
= when people refuse to give you a straight answer to a simple question
= when my dog pukes on me when im asleep
= parents that can't control their kids in public
= stupid people (think that covers A LOT)
= screaming, loud, or crying kids/babies (well actually them in general)
= when I am rudely awakened by my cat who is either breaking something, eating my hair, or attacking me
= when people put empty containers back in the fridge/cupboard
= jim carrey and anyone who makes habit of immitating him regularily (yes I know two people like this)
= one of my dogs who has become increasingly disturbed over the years and now poops regularily on the rug right when you walk in the front door, even if the lights are on you still step in it because of the design of the carpet (its oriental)
= when my dad leaves the basement door open so my superhunter jack russell goes down and busts in to the rodent rack and kills/frees many... which brings me to the next pp, the mouse problem in my house
= people that have to be so perfect 24/7 they cant even take a minute out of the entire year to enjoy life in fear that it will mess everything up
= those special people that are so smart they can form such strong judegments on you, even though they have never spoken to you in your life

... I'll stop at that... I could go on forever (lol....probably literally )
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1. Children.

Seriously. I am laid back pretty much and not much bugs me. But I can't stand kids. Never have been able to, never want them and can't stand living where I am because the neighbors kids.

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ok I'm going to take a crack at this and try not to annoy anyone..
---people that don't know how to take care of their animals and then claim they do because "they read a book"

---people that displine their dog only to have it in their lap and praising it in the next 2 min (the animal won't learn that way!)

---people that make last minute descions (sp?) while driving.
---cheaters (not only in tests but while with others as well)
---the know it all's of the world.
---people that can't admit they are wrong
---when the rabbit decides that her litter box is a midnight supper snack and chews on it.........all night.
---when people say "whatever" in that "I know I'm wright so give up" voice.
---when people have a problem with you but they run behind your back and cry to someone else about it.....
---people that I live with (besides my partner).....
---people that try and buy me off......

Well I to could go on and on.......but I guess thats all for now!

one more thing. I HATE my family. I honestly wish they would all disapear.......
The Mischief:
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Mischief~ Hamster

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