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Originally posted by Snip3r
People who think hondas are sports cars

People who talk junk but are afraid to back it up...
people who are haters

people who talk junk but are afraid to back it up...
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when the plastic parts come off your shoelace.
When you spend two days downloading 'The Hunted' on Kazaa and ends up being the Lizzy MaGuire movie.
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HAHAHA I feel your pain man! A similar "Kazaa" incident happened to me just a few weeks ago.

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Oh man I hate people that talk 'junk' and then don't back it up. This kid in grade 9 at my school was hitting on someone's girlfriend at a different school, and the girlfriend's boyfriend told him he would fight him at my school the next day. So, then the guy who was hitting on the girl, his name is Stu, tells him that he wants to have a big school brawl, not just a fight. The next day, about 500 people came to my school (we only have about 300 kids in my school), and they were all looking to fight. All the teachers barracaded where we could get out at lunch, and I was planning to walk down to Subway for lunch, so no one was allowed to leave the schoolground and no one was allowed to come in. Eventually, the other school climbed the fence and they were all walking around the field, and then we all went out to brawl. Then the teachers come out and sent everyone home. And where was Stu this WHOLE time? He was hiding in the French room playing some game and eating fries.


I also hate people who hate 80's music. And religious people, namely Christians. (no offence)
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I don't have too many as I am mostly a laid back guy, but here they are...
-sleeping in (yes even on the weekend)
-flat pop *it doesn't take that much effort to tighten the top!!!*
-people who hate kids
-people who don't take care of their kids or pets
-people who say they are going to sell you feeders and then don't reply to you for two weeks after you send them the money
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Super Genius
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I have but one pet peeve; and that is Stupid People. Now, these people are USUALLY in their cars around me, but they can be in malls, in lines waiting, at retail stores, at work, at the grocery store, the list is endless. It seems to me, however, that Toronto is absolutely FULL of Stupid People (present company excluded for arguements' sake).
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Oh God I have tons!

-People who spit when they talk
-Broken promises
-Loud and sudden noises
-Being interrupted
-Sunlight *hissssss* :skull:
-People that can't contain their unruly children in public (For crying out loud! It's called a straight jacket and children's chewable Valium! )
-Small yappy dogs
-Bossy people
-Hoochie mamas
-Immaturity in adults
-People that stand in my way when I'm trying to walk (The worst is Wal-Mart and when I'm trying to catch the C-Train. They just stand around completely oblivious, or walk at a snail's pace! Arggggh!)
-Corn snake poop :medpuke:
-Email spammers (IE: Chain letters. No your arm WON'T fall off if you refuse to forward this to everyone you know!)
-Twinkies (no, not the food...ask Invictus )
-Loud/obnoxious people
-Cheaters (overall)
-Plans being disrupted at the last minute
-Cutlery scraped on plates :medbugged
-People who take things WAY too seriously
-Men that yell out "Hey Baby! " or somthing else absolutely brainless, crude and idecipherable while they drive by.


-People who don't turn of their &%$#@!!! cell phones and pagers during a movie!
Erin Keller :eb:
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Marisa, I'm SO with you on that one. I HATE kids, even though I am one myself. THEY DRIVE ME NUTS! Especially bratty ones, like myself Here are a couple more things that I hate:

•Belly button lint (Eww, yuck!)
•Ugly websites made with PROGRAMS
•Mega posters who post ONE word posts
•Pregnant women on metros
•Gigglings ditzes
•Pijamas that you can't wear to school
•People whose legs flop over when they dive

Those things are what makes me mad the most. GRR!!
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here's a few of mine...

-people who make me mad
-men who say "they are not like all men" hahahaha
-people who pass you on the road doing warp 9 just to get to the red light first
-my ex
-rich people who think you're not on their level to talk to and explain it 500 times when you got it the 1st time
-people who talk too quietly when i am trying to listen
-those bible thumpers that knock on my door.............
-people who think all wiccans are evil
-people who do not have an open mind
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i have some more

- fat chicks who wear small T-shirts (all guys hate that i know) its just nasty!

- loud people

- bitchy people
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Hey ladyhawk.......EVERYONE in kansas (with a few exceptions) would really P$SS YOU off then! And I'm not kidding thumpers and not open minded, I swear me and my partner are going to go outside and have rocks thrown at us one day!
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Originally posted by Linds
= bad grammer/spelling
The absolute irony here is the fact that you spelled "grammar" wrong.
- Ken LePage
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Originally posted by Invictus
The absolute irony here is the fact that you spelled "grammar" wrong.


way to catch the spelling mistakes Invictus
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Lol... Hey Invictus...
-Twinkies (no, not the food...ask Invictus )
Care to explain?
Lots of these things are annoying... my number one has to be Pop-up ads that keep on coming! Like... you cant even see the page because they just keep popping up, you keep clicking 'x' but they just keep coming...... ~TR~
Tammy Rehbein
-You can search all day for something and never find it, only to see it in the most obvious of places after you've stopped looking.-
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Sorry... going on an hours sleep and feeling the pain from the 3" chicken bones thats been lodged in my intestines for 5 days now Can't believe I did that *linds is officially ashamed of herself*

Oh my... I'm on a roll.....also PM'd someone about moving a thread but forgot to move it
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