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LMFAO Jordan that is soo funny
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Two little cuties. She looks more like an American Bulldog though. (the dog, not Emily) Mr. Smith you should have very strong feelings against the irresponsible owners who raise these dogs to be so vicious. I've worked at boarding kennels and vet clinics and have seen very few agressive pits/amstaffs. I fear the little bubble head toy breeds more than most of these animals.
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lol omg thats too funny
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ahhh hahaha cute pics... at first I thought it said "Emily attacked Rob's pitt bull!" I was like OMG NO WAY!!! lol
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As mentioned in my original post, I got those stats from the news. I don't watch the news regularily, it jsut happened to be on when I was cleaning, so I cannot tell you what station it was They also had some dog "expert" or whatever it was on advocating pits, and although they were bred in the past to be fighters, they were never bred to be agressive towards people, only other animsl, which makes perfect sense. They are great fighters, and often the ones that do attack are the ones that have been trained to do so.

I also mentioned those were only the reported attacks. Though their may be more labs and shepherds in circulation, you can bet most of the bites and attacks probably don't get reported because they are not severe....when a pit attacks its pretty well always full blow, hence almost all attacks are reported. To this day I've seen a lot of dogs, I've never seen a pit display any agression towards another person, I have seen one lab bite without warning, two labs growl, but not bite (though the one probably wouldve if it wasnt tied up to a friends back post, he said that it bit people before so they had to keep it tied ), and two of my grandmothers, one of my grandfathers, my dad, and my cousin have all been attacked my German Shepherds.... all seperate occassions by different dogs.
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LMAO Jordan!!! And Damen, the pitt bull, is a she just to let ya know!! That still might not be a good thing though :\ I Like Rob's cat a lot though... the way that she walks is just so hip!!
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A major insurance company in our area has 5 breeds listed as most reported bites. Chow Chow, Rottweiler, Akita, Labrador, and dum da-da dum... the Golden Retriever. You can't get certain home insurance if you own one of these breeds or a mix of them.
The path is the goal.
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I've owned many types of dogs including a Pit X and I have known many people who have owned pure bred Pits, never have I seen one act aggressive towards a person. Pits were bred to fight other dogs but they were also bred to love their owners. A friend of mine who is a police officer and a Pit owner has told me that the police can't use pits as police dogs because of their reluctance to attack or bite people. Pits are also never used as personal protection dogs for the same reason, they would rather lick a thief to death than actually attack them.

These dogs that are shown on news reports for attacking people are almost always mistreated and improperly kept. Any dog regardless of breed is a risk to attack if they are kept chained 24 hours a day, abused and in many cases starved. I agree that pits can be very dangerous dogs if they fall into the above situation because of their power and bite strength, but I also believe that in most cases it is the irresponsible owners who should be punished not the dogs.
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And great pics, what a big baby!!!
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You guys want a dog that bites and is a natural killer? Don't run from Pitts, run from Jack Russells!!! I am sure Linds knows what I mean.

Lots of small breeds are larger attackers than pitts for sure. I know of a lot of Jacks, poodle, and especially cocker spaniel bites WAY more than Pitts. My dog herself has "attacked' a couple people, they see a small dog and think no danger. Same with kids, small dog they want to pet it but don't realize my dog is not a "family dog" but a born hunter, killer and a breed that doesn't put up with any funny stuff or abuse (i.e. kids petting too hard or tugging her ears) and when I try to tell parents their "precious" child can't pet my dog, *I* get dirty looks! lol *shrug*

Nice pics, cute Pitt.

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Marisa: I own a toy poodle and she has never bitten anyone (except my brother when they were playing) in 10 years.But what you say is true, smaller breeds have to resort to bitting more often because they can't impress you with their size like bigger breeds. But I like to say: a puppy is like a blank piece of paper,
what you teach it and show it will make it what it is. I dont think there is a bad dog out there, only irresponsable owners.


P.S. I'm not talking about accidental bites :P
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Bah ha! I loved that last one!
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I've never had a problem with a pit bull though i haven't gone out of my way to find them, i have had run ins with terriers though, and once a german shepherd but i think the shepherd was playing.
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Thanks for posting the pictures Pixie. I like hearing opinions of what people think of Pit Bulls. For those of you intrested, I was the founder of the American Pit Bull Terrier Club of Montreal a few years ago. I would have to say that I know more about Pit Bulls than tarantulas as I have well over 40 books of this great dog and I've met and talked to Stratton & Colby on many occasions and i've comunicated through e-mail for a few years with Bob Stevens which are the 3 most recognized people in the Pit Bull world. Here is the link to my old web site even though the club isn't fonctionning anymore.
For other that are intereted, there is now a Pit Bull club out in Quebec city. Just type in Union Pit Bull Quebec in your search engine and you will find it.
"There are no bad Pit Bulls, just bad owners."
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