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OMG. it is sh*t like this that realy pisses me off. when i hear about a burm getting lose and eating a cat i thing man thats too bad, or when you hear about a retic living under a house you think people need to be more resposible. but when the call a bp a dangerus anamal that REALY pisses me off. i can see the bases for wanting to ban large constrictors due to problems in the past, i dont agree with it but i can see where the argument is comeing from. but this is just bull crap! i have seen pictures of cats and ball pythons curled up nexed to eachother sleeping together. good money says cats kill more people than any large constrictor in the us or canada. YES CATS KILL PEOPLE! ignorince is bliss i guess. its just so much easer to blame all snakes everywhere than one irrisposable owner (not that i know the owner is irrisponsable)
"Those who desire to give up Freedom in order to gain Security, will not have, nor do they deserve, either one." -Thomas Jefferson
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i think i will be sending her an email as well.
this is complete BU!!*****. it made me downright angry when i read that. people need to grab a friggin brain.
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Huh, she thinks a ball python is large and dangerous? I'd like to introduce her to Bandula, my hefty burmese python! He's nearly 16 feet long and even I don't think he could take on a cat, plus he's got a better personality!! I want to resort to name-calling but I won't stoop that low. This woman is getting a letter from me!

At least this snake wasn't reportedly maced, pepper-sprayed or manhandled. They did the proper thing by taking it to a reptile-specific rescue. We all need to be extra careful in seeing that our animals don't escape and that people who come in contact with our creatures, (willingly, of course), understand how harmless most reptiles really are. Education is the key, and being reptile owners puts us at an advantage to demonstrate the feelings we have for our pets. I know I speak for many of us when I say that I love my snakes and geckos every bit as much as my dogs and cats.

Colonel SB - I find my pets extremely cute and cuddly! What are you talking about?!?!? J/K =D
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Another case of uninformed hysteria, sigh. I understand this lady's concern for her pets, but she is obviously uninformed when it comes to snakes and therefore, shouldn't be making such statements. As far as the cat's being upset, mine get in a knot and run inside if the neighbor's kids get loud, or if there is a stange cat, dog, racoon, etc in close proximity. If this had have been the case there, there wouldn't have been any story. The newspaper should also be more responsible in what they print. Hopefully, there will be some response to the editor correcting this misinformation. I am angry too and I think e-mails are a good idea, but let's be polite and informative, flaming will only make us look bad and after all we have this forum to vent on;-)
As for this lady, "animal" activist is the wrong term, it should be "cat" activist or "cute and cudly only" activist.
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I e-mailed the author as well. It's fine to publish a quote, but if the quote is FALSE and not corrected afterwards, it totally reduces the author's credibility. Maybe after all these e-mails from us she'll post a formal retraction and appology that'll be the day!

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I just sent an e-mail to the author. If I get a response, I will let everyone know.
Life is uncertain, eat dessert first
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Oh for CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!!! I REALLY despise people who refuse to educate themselves on something that they do not understand rather than making stupid half-wit comments like that. That article was so incredibly ignorant.
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I also sent an email to the extremely ignorant individual who wrote this column and I feel I made many good points, but her skull is probably thick enough to garbage it before she reads it.
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Education is the key
i dont think you could be any more right. BUT! (dont you hate those buts) what about cities that have already banned snakes. i know my citiy has banned anything out of the familily boid. i accualy was going to see if i could talk to my old princible from my old elementry school to see if i could give a presentation on snakes. i would LOVE to do it, it would be fun not only for me but for the childrin and it would give the teachers a little break from there high stress job. but sence my snakes are illegal i dont want to rist looseing them. it is hard to educate when the tools are illegal.
"Those who desire to give up Freedom in order to gain Security, will not have, nor do they deserve, either one." -Thomas Jefferson
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Wow a 4' ball python that can eat 2 cat's i wish a super BP like that was outside my window

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if only they new what was really going on.. a 4 foot bp in the 'city'. any money, that snake was scared shitless of those cats, and everything else, assuming it was a cb. ya the cats did freak but not because the snake provoked them, he prolly just slithered by.
what type of stuff did you guys say in your emails? im curious to know? stuff about how the cat would have killed the snake, not the other way around?
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In the US we have to watch for "strategically" placed stories like this one. I mean, it is not past groups like HSUS to get stories like this as much print and air time as possible to further their agenda of a total ban of herps and exotics. Maybe not in this case, but nevertheless the damage is done. Another reason too, we must educate KEEPERS to have the most secure enclosures possible. A big story locally about a "dangerous" boa on the loose in my neighborhood (no, not mine!) got air time on at least 3 tv stations recently. The owners kept it in a cage on their front porch--in plain view of the neighborhood kids. My idea is that someone let it out as a "joke". Still, very bad for our hobby.
We can't keep giving the opposition more and more fuel for their campaign.
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They also did a poll on the front page of that newspaper asking
Should it be legal to keep exotic snakes as pets?
Out of 579 votes 28% said yes where 72% said no. I guess it's easy to say that there's a lot of people from at least the halifax area that don't like exotic animals or they're just ignorant to them like this lady.

Though on a good note, we heard yesterday that the herpetelogical society is working on getting the bylaws changed.

Thanks everyone for your comments and for writing the letters, hopefully if not now, but some day it'll make a change.

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What is really amazing is this was on the front page! Talk about being a slow day. The article I read was slightly different from that one. I sent an e-mail to the author right after reading it, here it is if you guys are interested:
My name is Adam Webster, I am 16 years old and I live in Hammonds Plains. I just finished reading your story "Metro python no joke to cat owner and pets". I am a reptile keeper myself and I believe that Jennifer Surrette is very misinformed about the aggressiveness and feeding habits of ball pythons (Python regius). If you could pass this on to her then it would be appreciated. A python that is 4 feet in length would be eating large mice or small rats in captivity, there is no possible way that it could have eaten (or would have tried to eat) those cats, it would have to have been more then double that length to do that. It would have been even less interested in food because of the low temperatures outside at night, they need temperatures of 85 to 90 degrees to fully function properly, and that is probably why it was moving so slow when it was found. The cats would have had a better chance of killing the snake then vice versa. I think your idea of banning the snakes is not a very well thought out decision. Think about this, if I had one of my small snakes out crawling on the lawn for some excercise and an escaped cat just walked by and maybe looked at the snake and the snake fled away in fear, I wouldn't try to ban cats at all. Yet when a snake slithered past your cats and they fled in fear (the snake was probably scared for its life as well) you called the police, animal control, the newspaper, and tried to get them banned in the city. People should be able to keep snakes as pets if they choose, just as you deserve to keep your cats. I do agree that it is very wrong that that snake got loose, but accidents do happen. I'm sure many cats get loose and wander around your neighborhood as well. I know that you may think that all snakes are vicious and would bite anything that came near then, well that is simply not true of all species. Ball pythons are one of the calmest snakes kept as pets, and that is why they are so common in captivity.
Please consider what I've said as I love my snakes just as much as your love your cats.
Adam Webster
"A closed mind is a dead mind"

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I think a suggestion to the city council to begin imposing the same fines and jail time on owners of unrestrained dogs and cats with lagre fines for any caught killing domestic animals(where I am town dogs will pack at night and attack sheep/goats, yes we shoot them) or wildlife. Be sure to send a copy to the lady of the story because it seems her cats were 'unrestrained' as well(probably trying to steal the diseased rat the python was saving the woman from lol). Sometimes throwing the ridiculus into the works enlightens the foolish.
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