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Ever got tired of lizards and switched to snakes ?

This is what's happening to me and my girlfriend.. Are we normal ?

We've been herp lovers for about 2 years, we started with a frog eyed gecko and then bought other gecko species and some snakes.

We really loved both kinds.

This year we started breding leopard geckos and are still into it.

It's as if all the work caring for the babies and the pregnant females got us to stop having pleasure owning geckos.

We also breed or criquets and these baby leo just gobble them, so we even had to buy some cases of criquets since our criquet breeding wasn't enough. $$

I really look at them as a chore now. it really scares us to find out that we are both thinking the same thing. We use to handle them so often before, now,, rarely..

We've decided to start selling our geckos and get more snakes, we find they are less work.

Geckos have babies for periods of 6 months, you constantly have many babies and of different age to care for. You need to check the incubator daily, change multiple water bowls, humidify the vermiculite for the female, etc, etc, etc,...

Snakes, they get pregnant, lay one clutch and then you wait for next year..

I'm a bit mad at myself for thinking like that, I don't know if it's because we're tired, but we really loss the passion and don't see pleasure when a new baby is out anymore.

As this ever happened to some of you ? If so, is it temporary or is it just that we need to move on to something else ?

Thanks for reading and for your comments to come.

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We started with snakes, but their low maintenance comparitively is a nice thing.
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I had my snake for like 5 years. last year I bought a couple geckos. had them for a while, and then within the last few months, bought another 4. To be honest, they are kind of a pain in the a**. I like them, but I like my snake alot more, which is why I am getting another snake. And to be honest, If I could trade all my geckos for a 3rd snake I probably would. I just dont get attached to them like I did with my ball python.

Maybe part of the reason is because my snake can just run away from me on the ground. I think anything that runs away on the ceiling is just a bad pet
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I think the burn out your going thru happens to a lot of ppl. It happened to me. I found that if I keep a limited number, just as pets, and don't breed, i continue to enjoy my hobby. I now keep my reptile collection to 5 or less, and only the species I know I really adore. I know myself, and I know keeping 15-20 herps and/or breeding is not for me.
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I'm alot the same , too. I love to collect & keep lots of different critters but I know that I quickly tire from lots of upkeep & time demands. However, knowing this, I research first & set-up for those who are 'easy-keepers' & I do not intend to breed any of them while I still have young kids at home. I like low-maintenance that I can handle occasionally or just observe. Sticking with these keeps me happy with them & enjoying it. Any I want that take more work I say someday when the kids move out & I retire !!
P.S. It isn't selfish. remember.....
happy owners = happy critters !!!
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I've been keeping and breeding leos for 3 years now. this is my first year doing leos, corns, and beardies. It is very overwhelming.
But i don't think i would give it up at all. I love seeing the babies and even if i don't handle all of them i still love seeing them go to good homes. I guess i really don't get tired of the work cause i knew what i was getting into.
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RedDragon and I are the opposite. We started on snakes, but now we're starting to develop an interest in getting beardies, geckos, Uros, and maybe even a monitor. RedDragon is into the invertebrates too. (Not me though.) Difference with us is, we're not losing interest in our snakes. We're still increasing our population there. It's perfectly natural. When a hobby becomes too much like work, it's not a hobby anymore.
- Ken LePage
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i have a project car when i work on it for to long i start to get a little brned out. So i dont work on it for awhile when I resume work on it, its fun again. It along the same line theres always slumps you just got to work through them. Or if you cant admit it and do what makes you happy
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Join Date: Apr-2003
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I went through the exact same thing with breeding my leos. it was too much for me personally (keeping, feeding, and monitoring 2.10 leos). I ended up getting a few monitors as well as having the leos, and that was just too much for me at that point in my life. so now, I've sold off the leos, and im happy with my two savs, a blackthroat, three balls and a burm.

I think its all about having a balance of how much effort you wanna put into the hobby without it becoming a chore. Thoughts?
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yup, did that too... i had a couple lizards. one was long term and passed away cause he developed RI. it is quite common i think to go from reps to snakes. i think it's okay, as long as your reps weren't a fad thing then throw them to the curb. NOT in any way saying you are, just saying, some people do do that. cheers, and your def. not alone there!
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I kept snakes for years. You couldn't even get me to think about a lizard. Then I was at a breeders shop picking up my albino burm and saw their breeder beardies. I was back buying one a month after they hatched. A few months ago I was looking at a BP and saw a nile monitor and got it. I like keeping both, it keeps me from getting burned out on either.
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mine is the total opposite i started with snakes and now i am almost only keeping lizards but no small lizards all big ones

i started with a king snake, then a corn then a boa now i have 4 boas and a coastal carpet and then i have 2 niles, 1 water monitor and a black and white tegu
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I started with frogs and snakes, but lizards are my strong preference, they are just more interesting in their behaviors.
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ya. i love snakes and always will, but before i get more snakes, i want to try my hand at some lizards..more interesting behaviour as know they WALK lol
but after i get my crested on the list is a ball python
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I started with LEOs then beardies then water dragons then uros then....WELL, I LOST INTERESTES in LIZARDS..

IM all into snakes now!
ID say thats normal.

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