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Old 08-05-03, 03:18 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Kermit the frog

I know this is a silly question....but anyone know what kind of frog Kermit is? Somebody at work mentioned it, and I've been thinking about it ever since....

Thanks for your help

Baby "G"
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He is a Bullfrog I think
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i don't know anything about frogs but isn't he a bit skinny to be a bull frog?
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he is a puppet frog!! green tree frog? hybrid frog? frog with a hand up its butt?
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Please Email Boots
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I'm with Lilyskip, he's an arm popsicle! Actually, I think he isn't really a specific frog. He's bright green so kids will associate frog=green. IMO
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Old 08-05-03, 04:43 PM   #6 (permalink)
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Technically he is not a puppet. He is a muppet...only technically though. While were at it what kind of animal is "Animal"?Or is he just a muppet, too?
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I'm sayin Green Tree lol god question.
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Old 08-05-03, 05:31 PM   #8 (permalink)
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he's a frog.....
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Kermit de "frog"......thats his
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A mix of the muppet creators idea of what a frog should be.
Tammy Rehbein
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just a side note, my dad can talk exactly like kermit the frog. its funny. have you guys heard that comedy thing where its kermit and big bird and they are high? my dad was imitating that lol.
My dad has always loved kermit. I have a pic of him when he was in florida with some friends in his early 20's and he is holding kermit doll. He wanted kermit and miss piggy on his wedding cake but my mom wouldnt allow it because she would be miss piggy lol
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He can't be a tree frog because he has no suckers on his fingers.
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I'm guessing hes a Phyllosmedusa. sp. Green like a GTF, yet no sticky pads... any input
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He looks like a white's tree frog but he doesn't have sticky fingers so to speak.
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