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PoiSoNouS 07-15-02 11:28 AM

I think we all like to know who we are talking to..
Here is my face. ;)

Jotun 07-15-02 11:38 AM

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well you're much cuter than I :p 07-15-02 12:22 PM

i wanna play to! :)

AzR@k 07-15-02 12:25 PM

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here is a pic of me from last year

ReneeB 07-15-02 12:59 PM

Here's a shot of me.. I HATE having my picture taken

Big Mike 07-15-02 01:22 PM

My Pic
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Me and my girlfriend

Darren Hamill 07-15-02 02:54 PM

I see we have some very attractive women.. um I mean PEOPLE in these forums! ;)

little one 07-15-02 02:55 PM

OK...don't quite know why anybody would want to see my face, but my face and profile are up on's Family photo album (at the bottom). It includes a link to my photo album of my leos. :)

Joe 07-15-02 02:57 PM

I have to agree with Darren!!! And i don't like doing that

Darren Hamill 07-15-02 03:12 PM


Originally posted by joe & melissa
I have to agree with Darren!!! And i don't like doing that
LOL! Joe! U know it!

Dom 07-15-02 08:17 PM

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I hate posting ics of myself...

I'd have to agree wiwth the boys .. some nice lookers in here!

Take care

Shane Tesser 07-15-02 11:25 PM

Hey Darren, i noticed no pic....oh yeah that rights, maybe i can quote you from the show when i attempted to get one of you for the site, it went something like this..." Okay man, you may be bigger than me....but if you take my picture i will kill you" LOL...what fun it is being the official SsnakesS photographer, such a s*&# disturber. Ill get you eventually, lol, later:)

Linds 07-16-02 08:33 AM

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I LOVE having my picture taken! Here's my most recent :)

Grant vg 07-16-02 11:41 AM

i figured i would stray away from posting any close ups because i am not photogenic at
once again, here is another pic of me and my dawgs in Parkdale (reason for the dawgs....for u torontonians....)

sungazer 07-16-02 03:59 PM

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here i am dont laugh

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