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McCarthy Boas 08-02-03 12:20 AM

Beer can save lives!!!!!!
Here is a link to a very funny video I added to my website.
Just click on the link below. If it does not work you can find it on my home page of my website.

Let me know what you think of it?

jaybox_reptiles 08-02-03 08:43 AM

haha that was funnt thx for sharing that........ lol

BOAS_N_PYTHONS 08-02-03 08:50 AM


That was really funny, it explains alot on why some criminals get off the

Nice video.


RachelS. 08-02-03 10:09 AM

Hahahahahahahaha that was really funny lol :p

lordkovacs 08-02-03 10:31 AM

nice post! funny crap.

BoidKeeper 08-02-03 10:55 AM

Now that's funny!
Thanks for sharing,

Oliverian 08-02-03 02:15 PM

Yep, nice! Reminds me of that movie, final destination. Thanks for showing us.

Bartman 08-02-03 02:28 PM

HAHAHA thats comedy at its best :) thanks for sharin that.

Kara 08-02-03 08:57 PM

Very funny:) ;)

Lizzy001 08-03-03 07:33 AM


Linds 08-03-03 09:12 PM

LOL! :p

Clownfishie 08-03-03 09:36 PM

LOL!! That was funny....

Bryce Masuk 08-03-03 09:54 PM


SnowSnake 08-03-03 10:22 PM

lol very funny!! =P

I agree with Bryce :D

RaVeNo888o 08-03-03 11:35 PM

lol thats funny...that reminds me of some european chocolate bar commercial i saw on the net. This guy was getting read for a jog in the mountains, he was parked on the side of the road stretching his legs ( had is palms on his car and one leg back)....this guy was driving a small truck, kinding bouncing to the music, smiling and eating the chocolate that was being advertised..he came accross the man stretching and stopped. he got out and put his hands on the car as well. he pushed and the car fell off the edge of the cliff..he got in his truck and drove off..the guy thought he was trying to push his car but he was just stretching...
sorry for the long description, but has anyone seen this, i dont know where to find a link to it.

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