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Thumbs up Wishlist

I figured this would be a fun topic...we all know that once you get one herp, it's hard to stop. So, money issues aside. As the topic says, this is a wishlist. What would you add to your current collection if you could have all the herps you want? (I'm keeping mine to what's possible with the space I don't have to).

Personally, right now (and this changes on a monthly basis if not more)...

1 Savannah Monitor
1 Blue Tongued Skink
1 Jungle Runner (aka Amevia)
1.3 Stimpson's Pythons
1.3 Spotted Pythons
Some Ball Pythons
1 Blood Python
1 Brazilian Rainbow Boa
1 Tangerine Faze Honduran Milksnake
1 Hypomelanistic Blood Red Cornsnake
1 Black Thayeri Kingsnake
1 Rose Haired Tarantula
1 Giant Millipede

I'm sure there's more, but I don't want to take up this entire thread with my wishlist! What's yours?

"A rattlesnake that doesn't bite teaches you nothing."

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Out of everything out there if I could add anything within my space limits it would be

Olive Pythons
Many many many California Kingsnakes (localities and morphs)
San Bernadino Mountain Kingsnakes (i LOVE these guys, always used to catch them at home in cali but now here up in Canada they are more than hard to find it seems!)
Mexican Black kings, I have one male would like a few females

And honestly thats about it for me! My tastes in snakes run pretty slim and cheap aside from Olive pythons! LOL I like all the colubrids really but cal kings are a fav of mine.

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this is gunna a wild wish list but here goes!

First i;d just like to replace what i had, IE burm, JCP and a BRB

second this is what i;d really want

New Retic (pic on Bob Clarks website) GORGEOUS!!
Black Blood
albino BRB (i;ve seen a pic, they do exsist too bad the one in the pic died )
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Crested Gecko: 0.0.2
African Fat Tail Gecko: 1.1
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I guess I would pick:
1 Super Tiger Retic (Het for albino)
1 Albino Retic
1 Albino Lab Burm
A female borneo to go with my male
1.1 Eastern Indigos
1.1 GTP
There is alot more I'd like but these would keep me happy though.
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Some of my wishlist is already on deposit: a trio of Kathy Love's Okeetee corn snakes, a trio of albino (AKA reverse) Okeetee corn snakes and a pair of rosy (hypomelanistic) corn snakes.

There are some things I don't have that I really want:

1. A pair of those bright orange bearded dragons. A site I came across called them "super orange." They're just beautiful and I really love the look of the beardies.

2. A really nice pair of Blair's phase gray-banded kingsnakes. (Who doesn't want them? It's a shame they're hard to start.)

3. A pair of red milksnakes. (Yes, they're cheap, but I find them very beautiful.)

4. Some California king morphs. I like the lavender- and banana-colored ones and the 50/50 dark and light the best. Of course, there are so many morphs to chose from, it would be hard.

I could go on and on. I would love more corn morphs, perhaps a blizzard that was solid white. A savannah monitor. A rainbow boa. A tangerine Honduran milk...they're all lovely.

But as I learned when I was in aviculture, you can't have it all. I think that's especially true with intelligent parrots that demand so much attention.

The only thing that keeps me from getting a beardie is the relatively short life span of 7-10 years, although I still want one. I tend to purchase long-lived animals as pets. My snakes could live to be twenty years old. My Amazon parrot could outlive me.
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1.1 Arizona mountain kingsnakes (Chris Baubel and Gerold Merker)
1.1 Louisiana milksnakes (John Yurkovich)
1.2 Okeetee corns (Kathy Love)
1.1 albino Okeetee corns (Kathy Love)
1.0 hypo crimson corn (Kathy Love)
0.1 hypo corn / het for ghost (Kathy Love)
1.0 double-yellowheaded Amazon parrot
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Old 07-30-03, 07:37 PM   #6 (permalink)
Posts: n/a
a 1:2 of Elaphe porphyracea coxi would top my list
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1 piebald bp
1.1 rosy boa
1 Tree Boa
1.1 red blood python
1 burm
1 veiled chameleon (sp?)
1 pacman frog
1 whites tree frog

Mice/rats/ rabbits for the lifetime of the snakes, as in go to the place and pick them up as needed.
And if I needed cage up grades then those to...that is if money weren't an issue
About anything heavy bodied, and I would love (if money weren't an issue) every morph of the BP that there is! lol That is big wish list.....
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the thing i want most on my wishlist that
i will NEVER get is
1.2 tuataras
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1.1 savu python
1 columbian rainbow boa
1.1 sonoran boas
1.1 mexican rosie boa
some designer bps (jungle, spider, pastel. *platinum*! --i forget the actual name for it--)
a few colonies of leopard geckos, jungle, normal, leukistic
a colony or two of cresites
a whole lot of rats and somebody else to kill them

Oh sigh. Wishful thinking.
1.1 ball pythons (Huxley and Marla)
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Well thats easy,
- At least 50 more Cresties (all different morphs)
-0.1 albino BP
-Colony of leos
-Red tail boa
-Panther Cham
-Bearded Dragon

I would use my old toy room for my herp room, oh well maybe in like 10-15 years this will happen.

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this list is with money aside and space aside ( and the concent of my parents)

any red tailed boa
anery ,ghost, black , and jungle corn snakes
green tree python
brazilian rainbow boa
burmese python
nice african rock python
another ball python(piebald)
striped and banded california kings
carpet python
american alligotor
american crocodile
salt-water crocodile
(huge)green anaconda
borneo red blood python
then if i just was a herpetologist i would be set for life ( well if i was also rich would be nice
there is no point in liveing if you dont take risks
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you know i want a Tx blind snake,checkered garter,ribbon snake,and a red tailed Boa
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A wish list that will one day be accomplished.

1.2 A. sinensis
1.2 C. latirostris
1.2 C. yacare
1.1 M. niger
I need two females of P. palpebrosus
Two females of this species as well P. trigonatus
1.1 C. acutus
1.2 C. cataphractus
2.2 (My favorite) C. intermedius
1.1 C. mindorensis
1.2 C. moreletii
1.1 C. novaeguineae
2.2 (Another favorite) C. palustris
I need a female C. porosus
1.1 C. rhombifer
1.1 C. siamensis
1.2 O. tetraspis
1.1 T. schlegelii
2.2 (Who doesn't love Gharials?) Gavialis gangeticus
Either sex of O. Hannah, No intentions of breeding.
1.4 M. euryxanthus, Heck Ill take 1.2 of all Micruroides species.
Um.. I think that covers it.
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Please Email Boots
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ARMOURED CHAMELEONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julie B
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If money and space weren't an issue I would love to have:
- a pair or trio of green basilisks
- blue tongued skink
- painted bellied monkey frogs
- white's tree frogs
- male ball python
- western hognose snake
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