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Old 07-31-03, 05:07 AM   #16 (permalink)
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Join Date: Jun-2003
Location: Swindon, WILTSHIRE. UK
Age: 48
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Wife permitting...Lol. I would like:

Mate for my Female Bull. )
Mate for the kids female Corn. ) These two are quite possible.
Jungle carpet python.
Ball python.

O.k. It may be a small list, but I don't want to push my luck with the Mrs.

0.0.1 Corn, 1.0 Green Blotched Corn, 0.1 Carolina Corn, 0.1 Bull Snake, 1.0 Columbian Red Tail. 0.1 CRB
Snakes don't kill people. Stupidity Kills!
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Join Date: Mar-2003
Location: Welland, Ontario
Age: 28
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With Unlimited money and Space i would have:

1.1 Blackheaded Pythons
1.1 Diamond Pythons
1.2 Mangrove Monitors
1.1 Scrub Pythons (any locale)
1.85 Fat-Tail Geckos (Every morph possible)
1.1 Mexican Milks
1.1 Sinaloan Milksnakes
1.1 Albino & Ghost Honduran Milksnakes
1.1 Sockhead Pueblan Milksnakes
5.5 Cal. Kings (Different Morphs. especially Blonde)
1.1 Chihuahua Mountain Kings
1.1 Arizona Mountain Kingsnakes
3.3 Variable Kingsnakes
1.1 Sunglow & Ghost BCI
1.1 Central American Boa's
2.3 Dumeril's Boas
1.1 BRB
1.1 Hog Isle Boas
1.1 Anery Kenyan Sand Boas
1.1 Yellow Anaconda
3.4 Suriname Red-tail Boas
10.15 Corn Snakes (All different morphs)
5.5 Greybanded Kingsnakes
2.3 Gila monsters
15.20 Assorted Dart Frogs
1.1 Ruthven's Kingsnake
1.1 Nelson's milksnake (not albino!)
1.1 Ringed Pythons
1.1 Russian Rat Snakes
1.1 Russian Tortoises
1.1 Pacman Frogs
1.0 Alligator Snapping turtle
1.1 Red-eyed Crocodile Skinks
1.1 Red & White Tegu
4.6 Australian Water Dragon

And I'm Finally done, geez that took a long time!
Experience is a great advantage. The Problem is that when you get the experience, you're too damned old to do anything about it.
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Join Date: Mar-2003
Location: Nova Scotia
Age: 46
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ooooh......a wish list !!!
a legless lizard
many more corn snake morphs
a rosy boa...or 2...or 3...
a western hognose pair
a few kenyan sand boa morphs
a tank of anoles
a tank of hermit crabs
a tank of emperor scorpions
a tank of flat rock scorpions
a millipede
a tank of firebellied toads
a tank of firebellied newts
a teacup stingray
a chamealeon
a chilean rose hair tarantula
a crayfish
a tank of japanese red claw crabs with a betta
I think that about covers it !!
This wish list is also a "working on it" list !!
(+birds & mammals as well !!)
HOW TO .....
grow snakes in Nova Scotia
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Old 07-31-03, 03:15 PM   #19 (permalink)
Join Date: May-2003
Age: 37
Posts: 1,809
Oh this is gonna be long lol.

1.1 Black Bloods
1.1 Axanthic Mollucan Scrubs
1.1 Rhino Vipers
1.1 Spider Balls
1.1 Lemon Line Pastel Balls
1.1 Albino Balls
1.1 Albino Patternless Leos
1.1 Bannana Blizzards
More Super Hypo Tangs
1.1 Boa constrictor longicauda
0.1 B.c.i from El Salvidor (to go with my male)
1.1 Albino Boas
1.1 Amarli's Boa
1.1 Albino Lavender Retics
1.1 Albino Laberynth Burms
1.0 Salt Water Croc (seeing as were dreaming)
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Old 07-31-03, 03:27 PM   #20 (permalink)
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Join Date: Jul-2002
Location: Toronto, Canada
Age: 32
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id want
a whole bunch of cresties..maybe 10 groups of 1.2
honduran milksnake.
okeetee corn
pastel ball python
ball python
lots of frozen mice
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Old 07-31-03, 03:36 PM   #21 (permalink)
Join Date: May-2003
Posts: 264
this is what i want one day.......

1.2 western hognoses
poison dart frogs
1.0 green anaconda
Brazilian rainbow boa
albino burm
green tree python
taiwan beauty snake
red coachwhip
frilled lizard
asian water monitor
blue tongue skink
fire skink
new caledonian giant gecko
panther chameleon
african spurred tortoise
florida softshell
eastern box turtle
goliath bird-eater
cobalt blue tarantula
emperor scorpion

ummmm... i am sure i may have missed something, and there is always something that pops up later that i know i would love to have! hoping to make this list a reality one day...
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Old 07-31-03, 04:06 PM   #22 (permalink)
Former Moderator no longer active
Join Date: Feb-2002
Location: Christchurch
Posts: 10,251
Oh no...the wishlist! I have enough on my definite additions to the collection without the ones I probably will never
Here's both, some I will have, and some I won't...

2.2 Turks Island Boas
2.2 Clouded Boas
2.2 Bolivian Boas (southern)
2.2 Argentine Boas
2.2 Argentine Rainbow Boas
2.2 Tannimbar Scrubs
2.2 Diamond Pythons
2.2 Isla Marajo BRB
0.0.2 GTP (Blue Sorong and either Biak or Bokondini, maybe even Jayapura)
0.0.1 Yellowfoot Tortie
0.0.1 Boxie (not sure what kind)
1.3 Uromastyx (Mali or Nigerian)
1.0 Hog Isle BCI
1.0 Colombian BCI
0.0.1 Peachthroat Monitor
0.0.1 Ionides Monitor
1.1 Frilled Dragons
2.2 Brazilian BCA
4.4 Rosy Boas (Whitewater, El Rosario, and ??)
1.1 Roughscale Sandboas
1.1 Emerald Tree Boas
1.1 Amazon Tree Boas
0.0.1 Indian Star Tortie
1.0 Normal phase Horned Frog (Argentine)
1.0 Suriname Horned Frog

I think that's it, but I'm sure I'm leaving out quite a
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Join Date: Sep-2002
Location: Calgary
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"1.85 fat-tailed geckos"?
I think that male would get shagged out pretty quick! Lol; lucky guy though!

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Join Date: Feb-2002
Location: Ontario
Posts: 1,018
i don't like to think about it....but ya made me.....
dumerils boa
b.c. longicauda
b.c.i. from Mexico
Hogg Isl. boa
eastern hognose
trans pecos ratsnake
black python(should be at top of list)
sumatran short tail python(very black)
green tree python (sorong or jayapura w/ lotsa blue)
one of each will suffice
hmm......thats it for now.....don't want to think anymore.....its too depressing!lol
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Join Date: Nov-2002
Location: Victoria
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Oh man, don't get me started. I just wish we could hang onto our 1.1 Brazilians, but time, money and space ARE an issue (sucks) What I'd really love is a set-up like Favelles....a few select SPECTACULAR animals. time....
Pete and Jess share their home with -
0.1 Suriname Redtail Boa,1.1 Brazilian Rainbow Boas, 1.0 Ball Python, 1.0 Savannah Monitor, 2.2 Bearded Dragons, 0.1 Veiled Chameleon, 0.1 Leopard Gecko, 0.1 Smooth sided toad.
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Join Date: Jun-2002
Location: Trenton
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Lets see, considering one of our dreams is to open a minizoo, here's some of our wanted

sandfish skink
blue tailed skink
Geckos - crested, leopard, flying, leaftailed.
some free roaming iggys
monitor - nile and savana
chamaeleons - various
tortoise (red foot, sulcutta, galapagos, russian, ??)
bearded dragons
frilled lizards
beaded lizard

tarantula (i'm freaked out by spiders)

rosy boas
all the candoia
hogg island boa
mandarin rat snake
blood pythons (all 3 kinds)
all the corn morphs
texas rat
black mexican king
false habu
red tailed rat
peruvian rainbow boas
honduran milksnake
Blackheaded Pythons
sand boas
scrub pythons
white lip python

massassauga rattler (probably never happen)
eyelash vipers
diamond back rattler
gaboon viper
cobra - not king

thats it off the top of my head. there's more but i can't think of them currently
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May you live in interesting times.
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Join Date: Aug-2002
Location: hamilton, ontario, canada
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nice topic...

I'd get...

1.1 Brazilian Rainbow Boas
0.1 Irian Jaya Carpet Python
1.1 Jungle Carpet Pythons

If anyone could hook me up with these, please let me know! pm me.
1.0 Reverse Okeetee Corn, 0.1 Albino Snow Corn, 1.1 Irian Jaya Carpet Pythons
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