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Snake Tattoo?

I am looking into getting a tattoo of a snake sometime soon - but I need suggestions and picture! If anyone has any idea of what kind of snake, and where i should get, and has any pictures of the tattoo or a sketch, please share!!

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Zoe it's times like these when I wish I had a scanner! I'm an artist with a bijillion drawings and painting of snakes, geckos, iguanas, etc. I'd love to share some with you. I have a design inspired by my burmese python, Bandula. This idea is to get a rather large tattoo of him 'crawling up my leg' is the best way I can put it.The tail ends and curls around my ankle area, and the rest of the snake 'coils' around my leg until the face ends on my hip. I can't wait to get this tatt, but it'll be well over a grand. Eh!
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Posts: 1,442 See pete's protfolio, he has done a lot of snakes
and the shop is super clean. * Jay is also great and I have 2 by him.

You can also get branded, pierced, or scalped when your there.

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i wish i had a scanner too!...i'd show you the snake i got done on my elbow. The artist was Jamie Izumi from Tora Tattoo. All I did was show him a picture of my ball python and he took it from their...did an awesome job. Looks like its jumping right out of my skin atcha!
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When I get around to it I will be getting a snake armband (probably a python as if its constricting my bicep)

I think this will go well with the scorpion and tarantula on my shoulders
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i cant really help you with the design process but i recommend . They have a great, clean shop and some great artists. I especially like Rob's work (out of the pics on the site) I got my piercing done here and plan to get my tattoos as well.
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I second Brian's recommendation. Plus Pete is a buddy of mine!

Tell him Heather says hi, if you decide to work with him.

Also Bill at Abstract Arts is good. That's who i go to...
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Right on Zoe A snake and a lizard are on my list of Tatts for get...Is this your first Tatt?
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Oh Gawd Zoe, I've been looking for snake tat ideas for AGES and I came to the conclusion that finding a half decent realistic snake that isn't a cobra with evil eyes and fangs is probably the hardest thing to find...

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if its really that hard to find a good snake pattern, find an artist that will make a custom design (i would recommend this for any tattoo anyways, that way you will be the only one that has it)
If you are lucky, you can find a snake loving tattoo artist. Bring in pics of your snakes, or snakes that you would like to have in the design. You could make the 'outline' of the snake anyway you want, and the artist shouldnt have a problem adding the right pattern for ths snake, even if its not in the same pose as the pic.
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dont knock cobra's although I wouldnt mind A black blood wrapped around a ******* sword
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i want a snake tattoo wrapped around my leg!!
i was inspired by Teresa's (tarzet exotics) tattoo of a snake wrapped on her was awesome!!
i have to save my buttons tho.....
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I have a Kenyan Sand Boa tattoed on my shoulder blade that was from a photograph (Very Nice), and a Argentine Horned Frog on my other shoulder blade. I am going to get a dwarf caiman head on one part of my lower back, a lizard on the other part of my lower back and then an alligator snapper in the middle of my back! But I won't get those for a bit.

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Here's one that a guy from ChondroForum is getting... this is the picture that it's based on :

And here's the outline that's been done so far:

I thought it was pretty cool Hopefully he doesn't mind me sharing it here... lol...

One day when I find the perfect tattoo, I'll get one done I don't want to have just anything... it's got to be something that I know I'll enjoy forever

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