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beth wallbank 07-29-03 07:22 PM

my new tat
thought I would share.

Matt_K 07-29-03 07:25 PM

very cool Beth, i like the tribal(ish) design..

HetForHuman 07-29-03 07:42 PM

really nice
tribal is my fav

asphyxia 07-29-03 07:44 PM

very nice beth


Clownfishie 07-29-03 08:00 PM

Cool Beth! :D One of these days I'll get around to getting my first one... hehe...

Lisa 07-29-03 08:32 PM

Nice looking tat Beth.

DNA Reptiles 07-29-03 08:41 PM

Hey Beth I want one like that!!!!!

Invictus 07-29-03 09:53 PM

Way cool, Beth!

CDN-Cresties 07-29-03 09:55 PM

Nice tat, im thinking about getting one myself.


RaVeNo888o 07-29-03 10:07 PM

im getting one whenever i get the money and the time to go downtown. But its gonna have to wait now that im buying a crestie lol..

Steve 07-29-03 10:11 PM

i';m getting 2 this week myself....and both for free, one is gonna be a full upper arm piece of a monitor, the other one is gonna be a huge piece on my back haven't seen the design yet but its something with snakes(artist drew it for me yesterday so i still gotta see it first). gotta love having hook ups in the tatt and piercing industry

Bryce Masuk 07-29-03 11:04 PM

Sweet who did it for you?

burmer 07-29-03 11:07 PM

Very nice Beth. I have a few tribal pieces myself.

beth wallbank 07-29-03 11:08 PM

I drew it Bryce and a friend at Decadent Ink did the tat.

Bryce Masuk 07-29-03 11:57 PM

Nice I saw your art you posted on the forum a while back
(Sadly I cant draw jack all) you have some talent keep it up

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