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day gecko substrate...??


i want to put a substrate in the bottom of my day geckos cage...but when they eat the (literally) attack the crickets by diving on them and eating they'd probably get some of the substrate in their mouths every once in a while....what kind of substrate can i use that wont harm them if it is swallowed? is that calci-sand stuff any good??

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My gecko doesn eat the substrate when he catches a cricket, he has a tong and makes it get out easily
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They require fairly humid conditions, and Calci Sand is only suitable for desert species (also, it still causes impaction, despite the labelling, maybe to a lesser extent than regular sand, but still). I know what you mean by attacking their food, they have quite the appettite! I would recommend a very fine peat moss, if it is ingested it shouldn't do any harm and will hold humidity very well. But no loose substrate is 100% safe against everything. Though I think this is near as good as you can get. I've also seen them housed on cypress muclch and sand/peat mixture, but those would pose more a threat of impaction than peat moss alone.
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what i use in my tanks for the tropical ones is aspen shaving or indoor/outdoor carpet it is my easer to clean and u never have problems with what u have for other subsrate
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Just about peatmoss

remember its neturally very full with nematodes so boil and freeze first!
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