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That is a BEAUTIFUL cobra Chuck. I would never have one, But you definitly got more.......well courage than I do. I would never work with a venomous snake!!!!!
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I personally do not think you have to keep a snake only for the "challange" and some sort of silly thought about how it could hurt you. I feel that is a really small side of herping and frnakly, I don't care how much a snake takes to work with. If I like the species, I don't worry about what humans think.
That is cool. Everyone keeps for different reasons. Maybe you have hectic life and like boring snake to mellow you out. That is a good reason as well.

I dunno, that sounds like a reason NOT to keep a hot. When/if I keep hots (I don't count my hognose as a hot) it won't be for the thrill and excitment them being venomous, that's just a macho response for being insuffiant elsewhere.
Umm, that was a joke. Notice the Ha hA part? I was simply picking on Jenn. But if anyone tells you that working hots isnít more exciting then colubrids, then they are lying. Itís a whole new world.

BTW, Chuck, you can't courier herps into Canada (legally, that is).
I am above the law! =)

That is a BEAUTIFUL cobra Chuck.
Thanks, she defiantly is. You can see this very cobra and others on display at Animal Adventures in Bristol, VA.
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JEFF - I've seen my Ribbon eat insects. It was mayfly season here and one got into her enclosure, next thing I knew, she was gobbling it up.

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is the red-sided garter not under 2 feet? I really am not sure...i know it's small though...
good luck,
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I think they stay under 2 feet, and if they get bigger than that it would't be by too much.
I've never known ribbons to eat insects- has anyone actually seen this?
Sometimes I let mine slither around the garden. (he's pretty calm, he wont take off or anything) He goes under rocks and stuff and comes out with a mouthful of slug or spider. So I think they do sometimes eat insects. After all, I think it would be harder for a snake to go out and catch a fish every time it was hungry, than say looking under a rock and eating all the bugs. ~TR~
Tammy Rehbein
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Thanks, Jenn! That is very interesting. Have you ever had it eat crickets or any other commonly available feeder insects?

Oliverian- lots of things eat slugs that don't eat insects. Neat that you've seen it emerge with a spider though. Despite being easier to find, bugs are not commonly eaten by many snakes. Lots of snakes have very picky diets- I'm sure that it is easier to find bugs than many other things, but that doesn't mean that they snakes will take them.

Jeff Hathaway
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Yea, I know. I was just saying that ribbons (and many similar species) do ocassionally eat insects when their regular prey isn't available. They're very oportunistic feeders. (and I know a slug isnt really an insect).
Tammy Rehbein
-You can search all day for something and never find it, only to see it in the most obvious of places after you've stopped looking.-
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Have you thought about a Legless Lizard? They stay small and eat insects, small mice, hardboiled eggs, and will readily take moist dog/cat food as well. They do fine without rodents in their diet, but they will take them.

I couldn't agree more with what Marisa said. Just because a snake is simpler than another species to keep doesn't make that snake any better or worse. I personally don't like ribbons just because they don't appeal to me, same goes for most colubrids, and burms certainly don't. I have worked with lots of burms and I just don't care for the way they look and act, and I do not find them to be a challenge to keep. Doesn't mean that these snakes are inferior to the ones I do like. Its all a matter of preference.

Originally posted by Tim and Julie B
Rosy boas and Scarlet Kingsnakes!
I wish anyone luck in getting either of these to eat fish or insects
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Most snakes that eat bugs are quite hard to care for.

If your friend wants to stay away from rodent eaters, Garters are fun to keep and they eat frogs, worms, fish and eventually pinkie mice if it is the keeper's choice.
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