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Old 07-26-03, 12:53 PM   #16 (permalink)
Join Date: May-2003
Location: Manitoba, Canada
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I have a small little collection.

0.1 Tokay gecko
1.2 African dwarf frogs
2.0 Firebellied toads
0.0.1 Web-footed gecko
1.0 Domestic fluffy cat

My costs fluctuate. Every month I spend $25 on crickets at the petstore (I'm looking for a supplier online that's cheaper). Every few months I have to buy more brine shrimp and bloodworms for the dwarf frogs, and of course, there's cat litter and food, which actually costs me less in the long run because I buy in bulk. *grin*

I want to get a snake in the future, hopefully some sort of colubrid, but I'm not sure how much I will have to spend on mice and it might start to get too expensive. I'm planning on getting a crested gecko, too, and that might be a little easier on the wallet.

My little webfooted gecko is the pride of my collection, it's so cute! I don't know many people who own these little guys and I wonder why, because they're not that hard to care for and are so interesting to watch at night.
0.0.2 Lamprophis maculatus
0.1.0 Palmatogecko rangei
0.1.0 Gekko gecko
0.0.3 Carinotetraodon travancoricus
0.0.2 Otocinclus sp.
2.1.0 Caridina japonica
0.3.0 Caridina sp.
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man that looks like it i own uromastyx, a leopard gecko, tegu, and a turtle. How i afford to keep these is by working with my dad in the summer and i make a pretty sweet paycheck..400 bucks a week and than by the end of the summer i have around 2500 dollers which i slowly waist on herps and things i need. Than it usually finishes around summer and the chain starts again I end up spending like 20-40 bucks a month depending on what happens when..if i get a new reptile than that goes up a lot more for all the supplies i need..and so every year i spend around 400 bucks a year on just food. in total i would say around 600-700 bucks a year on my now that i put it into perspective i spend a lot
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LOL, I wish I made $400.00 a week! I don't even make that a month!!!!
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I basicly am draining the 17 grand I saved to feed my herps since I quit my job but I will hopefully soon be back to work so I can start rebuilding my saving I dont even want to know how much $$ I have spent in herp's but aleast it wont be as scarey as some of my other hobbies
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man that looks like it
It hurts like hell, but that is why we get paid the big bucks. Ha ha
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Old 07-26-03, 01:44 PM   #21 (permalink)
Join Date: May-2003
Posts: 264
in reptiles i currently own:
1.8 leopard geckos
1.0 ball python
1.1 boa constrictors
0.1 mali uromastyx
1.1 bearded dragons
Caledonian crested gecko
1.0 green iguana
2 red ear sliders
0.1 smooth fronted caiman
savannah monitor
1.1 california king snakes
1.3 corn snakes
rose hair tarantula
0.2 Chinese water dragons
3 hermit crabs
albino pacman frog
2 giant African land snails

I also have a variety of exotic mammals which include rare cats, a prairie dog, mynah bird, cockatiel, Egyptian spiny mice, African pygmy mouse and a mountain coatimundi

on average i spend about $70 - 85 a week on feeding all my animals including some dogs (not the horse), feeder rodents are in this pricing as i raise my own, this does not include vet bills which do pop up occassionaly.

LOL i spend less on people food a week!!
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Old 07-26-03, 09:27 PM   #22 (permalink)
Join Date: Apr-2003
Location: Welland. Ont
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For those of you that don't pay rent or bills, god I envy you!

You can see in my signiture what I own and I work at Casino Niagara so I do bring in a decent paycheck, but I use to work at a pet store and still recieve my discount so my costs aren't as high as some other people's. I get everything from tanks, crickets, lights, dog and cat food at cost so that helps out quite a bit. I also breed my own mice, meal worms, super worms, and silk worms.

If I didn't still get a discount and breed some things myself I don't think I would be able to own as many as I do just for the fact that my hydro bills are insane.
0.1 Ball Python, 1.0 Savanah Monitor, 1.1 German Giants, 1.0.0 Bearded Dragon, 0.0.1 Argentine Black & White Tegu, 1.1 Leopard Gecko's, 0.1 Red Eared Slider, 1.0 Albino Pac Man Frog, plus a dog, cat, fish, hamster, and newt
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Join Date: Jul-2003
Posts: 290
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scared to think what i spend on them, but the kids and i collecton is rather small,I'm a single mom and happily have a friend who's kids breed mice for me. we currently have a male caramel corn (frodo) (freddy) snoroan gopher snake, my 2 rescue corns we think one is a male sunglow and the other is possibly a caramel not quit sure though ohh not to forget the emperor scorpion (rescue) charlotte who's a rosey T and the pink toe spiderlings who are quickly growing we are currently looking to add a few more but that will be it for awhile
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1.1 BCC
1.2 BCI
1.1 Viper boas

4.2 Corn snakes
1.0 Hognose
1.1 Mex mex kings
1.0 Prairie king
0.1 Speckled king

1.0 Blood Python
1.1 Burmese Pythons
1.2 Royal Pythons

Other reptiles
0.1 Crested Gecko
1.1 Sand skink
0.0.1 toad

We breed our own rats for food and because we are good customers at one store (and we travel a fare bit to buy from them) they give us a decent discount.

Even with the rats we breed we still have to buy more though hopefully we're catching up on production.
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Location: Christchurch
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I currently (July 27, '03) have in my collection:

1.2 Guyanese BCC
1.1 Jamaican Boas
1.1 Brazilian Rainbow Boas
1.2 Ball Pythons
1.1 Borneo STP
1.1 Rosy Boas
0.1 Hog Isle Boa
0.1 Colombian BCI
0.1 Secret snake
0.1 Green Iguana
1.0 Horned Frog
0.3 Leos
0.0.1 Redfoot Tortoise

I also keep some other animals, warmblooded and invert. I used to work at Kris' Reptiles and Travelling Exotics Roadshow uip until the past couple months. They are closing down to open a zoo, hence I got laid off Hopefully will be working soon though 'cause funds are really tight!
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hey, what do all the 1.0 and 0.1, and 0.0.1 things mean? my guess is the sex? and number? (1.0, or 0.1 being male or female, and 0.0.1 being unknown???) am i right...always see people use this but never had a clue what it meant thanks lol.\
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Old 07-28-03, 12:31 AM   #27 (permalink)
Join Date: Apr-2003
Posts: 995
yup. you are correct. 1.0 is male, 0.1 is female, and 0.0.1 is unknown sex.
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Old 07-28-03, 12:42 AM   #28 (permalink)
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ok alot more makes sense lol..
i figured it out when someone said they had some mice breeding at 1.3. so figured one male with 3 females..thanks again..
guess that means i have 0.0.1 highwhite abberent cal king....i think it may be female but havent had it checked for sure (the tale tapers quickly)
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Old 07-29-03, 07:35 AM   #29 (permalink)
Join Date: Mar-2003
Location: Orillia, ON
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Our collection is ~120 herps. Too much work to list it all but ~70 snakes (12 boids, balance are colubrids), 10 lizards, 18 turtles plus some frogs and one salamander. We buy all of our rodents, which works out to over $3000 annually. Other costs, who knows? Probably close to $10,000 a year in total for direct animal related costs, but I'm guessing. It's all a write off for us though, as reptile education is our business...

Jeff Hathaway
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DAMN!!! Most of you make my collection look like it's nothing at all. I'm nearly embarrassed to post this.

0.1 Bull Snake
0.0.1 Corn (Comming later this evening.) For the kids..Honestly..
0.0.1 Corn, 1.0 Green Blotched Corn, 0.1 Carolina Corn, 0.1 Bull Snake, 1.0 Columbian Red Tail. 0.1 CRB
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