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Edwin 07-16-03 07:20 PM

Favour: Online survey
I am currently consulting to a company, and would really appreciate it if you would take a minute or two to fill out this quick survey.

Thanks in advance. Mods, if this is inappropriate, please feel free to delete it.


nellie 07-16-03 07:27 PM

I did your survey, but I hate beer! LOL
I don't think I was much help....

Clownfishie 07-16-03 07:33 PM

Done :) Not that I was much help either, I'm really not a big beer drinker....

Lisa 07-16-03 08:06 PM

Did the survey, and beer drinker or not, answered the questions (i think the company would love to hear from people that hate beer more, as thats where they need to improve to gain market share)

Oliverian 07-16-03 10:01 PM

Lol yes, that makes sense. I'm not old enough, plus I don't like the taste. Hold on..... no... what am I saying..... *COUGH* I dont know what it tastes yea, that sounds right....*COUGH* I thought it was like a reptile survey or something.

alan 07-16-03 10:26 PM

I did the survey, hope it helps

Jeff Hathaway 07-17-03 07:12 AM

My favorite beer- the Rescousse SOS (Save our Species) beer with the spiny softshell turtle on the label! A portion of the sales goes to help endangered species. You've got to love a beer with a turtle on the bottle! Of course, I don't even like beer that much, and drink very little of it, so I'm not well qualified to comment on how it actually compares taste-wise with other beers!

Jeff Hathaway
Sciensational Sssnakes!!

jncoclub 07-17-03 07:34 AM

I enjoy a good beer, however I;ve never heard of the beer in question. I htink it could have been set up a bit better taking that response into consideration.

SCReptiles 07-17-03 08:08 AM


I did your survey, but I hate beer! LOL
If you hate beer, how did you end up pregnant? Ha ha

OttawaChris 07-17-03 08:14 AM

Beer isnt the leading cause of pregnancy up around these parts... we blame it on Zinfendel (aka Panty remover)

I did the survey... luckily I am a big beer drinker ;)

Samba 07-17-03 08:32 AM

It would have helped if you mentioned the brand of beer this survey is for before (I) took the survey. I was left stumped, as I have not tried this beer before, therefore, I could not give my opinions.

reverendsterlin 07-17-03 09:00 AM

I did it, but have to say (as a sociology grad student) that was one of the worst designed surveys I have ever seen even as a bad example. Too many books on survey design available for any excuse, I don't see any way the company can get any usefull information from non-buyers except I never heard of your beer/I never tasted your beer and even that overlaps so much as to be nearly useless, if someone never heard of the beer it is a safe bet they wouldn't know even if they had tasted it, and if they did taste it the only info recieved is I tasted it(I've tasted numerous things I will never taste again).

Sean Day 07-17-03 09:03 AM

Very good beer. I live around 15 min from the brewery.

Dozer 07-17-03 05:29 PM

Sean, you own a sex shop?

Edwin 07-17-03 10:21 PM


I totally agree with you. The survey was designed by a bunch of students who are job shadowing me for a few weeks, and I think getting some traffic to their survey is a good way of maintaining their interest. BTW, my undergrad was in Operations Research and Actuarial Science.

Creemore ( is a microbrewery which only sells their beer within Ontario (Windsor to Ottawa). From an academic/business point of view, they are unique in that they do zero marketing. Their popularity comes solely from word of mouth. And yet they have consistently sold off all their supply several years in a row.

Personally, favourite beer has always been Guinness. Grew up on the stuff. :)

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