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Vanan 07-16-03 04:35 PM

Greater Sandhills of SK
Just a couple of shots of the sand dunes in Saskatchewan. An impressive sight which I thought I'd share.

Katt checking out some Kangaroo rat bones in the sand.
<img src="">

Me in the horizon and Ryan and Sheila in the foreground.
<img src="">

Kangaroo rat footprints.
<img src="">

Wierd spider I found which I didn't show the arachnophobes in our posse. Some kinda crab spider?
<img src="">

snakelover111 07-16-03 04:56 PM

kewl. looks like it was fun!

Dozer 07-16-03 06:08 PM

Are these the dunes from Sask. that are said to be "moving"?

Oliverian 07-16-03 06:53 PM

Thats a neat spider. :p I'm a bug freak, so I like that kind of thing. Seems like it only has 6 legs. It might just be me, though. Those are some nice shots, the sky seems to go on forever.

Lisa 07-16-03 07:15 PM

Definetly some nice scenery out in saskatchewan, people don't give it the credit it deserves. one of my favourite areas is the moose mountain in south east saskatchewan.

Katt 07-16-03 09:14 PM

For sure Lisa! It was barren country in some parts, but a lot of it was beautiful scrubby type land.

Scales Zoo 07-21-03 12:51 AM

The sandhills do move. Some have moved 40 feet in the last 10 years.

The great sandhills are attatched to a large network of native praire that stretches to the south Saskatchewan river, and the red deer river. Riparian forests abound in this section of floodway, and connect to badlands and rocky outcroppings.

We have more species of animals living here than anywhere else in Canada. Close to Cypress Hills, this area has been kept secret up until very recently.


Gregg M 07-21-03 08:52 AM

I feel like taking my quad there.....LOL

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