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Unhappy RIP Lexx

Today I had to do the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. I had to say good bye to my good friend Lexx for ever. Yesterday we found out from the vet that Lexx had cancer and we had 3 options. First was to try painful surgery and chemotherapy in an attempt to gain a few more months with him, second to do nothing and let nature take it's painful course or finally to say good bye now before he experienced any further pain and suffering. We took the final option this morning after taking Lexx to a place he loved so his final hours would be as happy as he could be. He never hurt any one and he was a big part of my family.

Lexx was a constant companion to me the past two years and katey the past eight. Good bye Lexx.

Lexx when he was healthy.

Lexx last night.
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*Sniff* That's so sad... you did the right thing, he's in a better place now...
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awwww I'm so sorry Lisa... but you made a good decision. My condolenses
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Sorry to hear that lisa

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Sorry to hear that Lisa.....
by John Quealy
I have traveled far to reach this Pearly Gate
But I do not want to wander beyond this place.
I just need to rest awhile for my friend I wait.
Please let them know I love them still.
Let them know that I understand
What they did, they did with love.
With my body gone, my spirit flew
On the wings of a dove
To my Creator's Heaven above.
Now I ask that I may wait.
I will lay quietly here by the gate.
For if I entered now without my friend,
It wouldn't be Heaven at all.
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aaaaawwwwwwwww **** Lisa......
I am glad you were able to make the decision you did and give your best friend the last bit of dignity he had left while it mattered. Judging by the pictures it looks like time had worn on him as it is. Sorry for your loss, and I for one definitely feel your sorrow. ((HUGS))
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Well Lisa, you already know how I feel. Rest in peace little Lexx buddy. You were not and will never be alone.

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You did the right thing lisa. Sorry about your loss.
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My condolences............
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So very sorry - as hard as it was for you, I am sure you made it easier for him. It seems so little compared to all they give you through their lives. He has love in his eyes - I am sure you were blessed to have had him as a companion and the memories will make you smile.

mary v.
Mary VanderKop
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OMG Lisa I'm so sorry about your loss. If it helps any I know that animals have a soul and that they go to heven! When the time is right you'll meet again. He was such a beautfull dog. *HUGS* You did the right thing.
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So sorry,Lisa. I lost my Heinz 57 best-friend of 14 years to cancer,too. I'm crying again now for them both.
We'll always remember you, Lexx & Heidi.
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Thanks for the comments everyone. They mean alot to me.
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May you live in interesting times.
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Sorry that you had to loose him. But he's in heaven waiting for you.
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Please Email Boots
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Well, I guess I should start with how sorry I am that you've lost such a good friend. It's never easy. I sometimes think it would be easier if the decision could be made for us. Tim and I lost our buddy 'Daz" a beautiful Rottweiler, to cancer. By the time the symptoms showed up he had no chance to make a recovery. He had bone cancer, and he couldn't eat, which he LOVED to do! The vet insisted that we do more tests even after we decided to end his pain. Turned out he just suffered even more. I don't think I can look at the vet the same way again. I know that's not fair, and I know how much it hurt the vet to know that there was likely no cure, but still.......I hope that you and Katey can one day find another special puppy to be your best friend. Lexx sure was cute, he has a very mischeivious look in his eyes Take care, and eat as much ice-cream as is needed.
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