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Originally posted by mikemcguire
I have 3 dragons. I dont know if you would consider them reptiles, mythological reptiles i would guess.
Well, in that case, I have two dragons already, so, I suppose I have two herp related tats.
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Thanks for the compliments on mine. I have this thing about tats. It's MY body. It has to be MY art. But that's just me...I don't hang anything on my walls unless I painted or photographed it either. Weird I guess. I still can't figure out if it's because I like my own work or I'm just too cheap to buy other people's stuff lol.
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I know what you mean Squeezer, I designed mine, and my wife drew them up.

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if it were me, i'd get a cool shot of a snake (or whatever you like) in it's natural habitat. Have the artist then reconstruct that in the form of a partial sleeve. I did something similar for my partial sleeve. cheers,
ps... mine though is a painting done by a greek tragedian from the year 467BC.
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I have a Python on my upper arm A Tarantula on my chest A Gecko on my chest A Monitor on my belly And a few Dragons

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I will be getting a tribal design with snakes twisting around it on my lower back. Very vine like, but I still need to find an artist to design it. I belive i have found one, so come christmas time it should be on me
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My tat isn't herp related (cetic knot) BUT it is a custom job. I found that if you go to a reputable artist they are more than happy to draw something to your specifications. If you have a drawing you want done, bring it in and a reputable artist will tell you if it will look good when finished and modify it so that it does! Takes longer and sometimes costs more, but well worth the extra effort!
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I have a Ball Python that starts on the top of my foot and wraps around my leg till just below my knee. Jason H did it. It looks great....some of you have seen it I am sure. I also have a Giant Day gecko on the top of my foot on the same leg. My others are not herp related. My whole uper right arm has a dreamcatcher with feathers that hang down to my elbow. There is a black horse running through the center of it with a sunset in the background. It is my Fav! Jason did it too. I also have a Lion head on my right sholder blade. More to come...FOR SURE!! Jason??? got time????? LOL :P
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Not exactly inspired by my herps, but it is a dragon

BTW...This is my arm
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All I can say is don't get flash!!! Any real artist IMHO won't even tattoo it on you. They should MAYBE use some Flash as inspiration to draw up something orginal & thats it. I was in Camp in the bush one time & there was 3 guys with the same Tattoo's, all from different artists, but obviously done from the same bulk Flash that they hand out with beginner kits. You are an individual (I assume?) & a tattoo is a very personal, lifetime thing. I'm just in the process of starting to get inked myself (this Friday is round 2 WOO HOO!) & I waited 20 years to do so. When I was 15-16 I hung out with a "rough crowd" & had a few "artists" as friends. I passed on a Sh1tload of free work throughout my teenage years & early 20's & was glad I did. I saw lots of guys "scarred for life" IMO. Even the guys that got decent work got screwed as the quality of the ink became quite apparrant over the years. Not to mention the few that got Hepititus (sp.) If it is not a licensed business with all the proper health inspections etc. I would strongly suggest elsewhere. Bleach does not substitute an ottoclave (sp.). Make sure you see the artists work also. Not just drawings & flash, but actual pics etc. of work in skin. Take your time & shop around. There are way too many crappy tats out there already, get yourself some real art, you only have 1 canvas LOL Mark I.
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When I decided to finally get my snake tattoo, I couldn't decide on what species to get since I like a lot of different types of snakes. I decided to go with a skeleton of a python/boa. The original design was to wrap from hip (skull) to ankle (tail) but I backed off a bit and my tattoo artist freaked when I showed him a drawing of it. He said it was worse than Celtic Knots. The compromise was from knee to the top of my thigh and it's still not shaded. It'll probably take another 15-20 hours of work to shade the hundreds of vertebrae/ribs. It took 15 hours just to get the outline done and I had a very experienced artist. One of these days, I'll find someone to finish it for me since my original artist left town and I haven't found someone else that I trust enough to complete the shading.

Ok, enough about me... As far as an idea for your vine and snake- how about an eyelash viper? Or did you have a specific species of snake in mind...
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the skeleton idea is a really good one! You should get it finished. I have thought about an eye lash viper or a bush viper. Right now I've decided to go with a 3/4 sleeve of autumn leaves. The colors will fade in and out of red, orange, brown, and green..all different shades. The other arm is still up for grabs, and but I'm pretty certain that I'm going to be doing something snake/habitat related.
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One of these weeks/months/years, I'll find someone who can finish my tat and be done with it. It's still nice, even without the shading. I'd originally thought about just shading it black, but now I want it done in black and white ink...

Oh, how about a Copperhead nestled in the leaves? Just the head peeking out?? Where's my pen...
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Wow there are a lot of great ideas/tats out there. I especially liked the one of the two hands and the eye. If I were to get one I would get either a ATB or GTP going down my tri, or a maple leaf (I know you all are thinking how oringinal) made of ice with the main vein a young red GTP(center back). Hard to explain but I'll try and and post a pic of my drawing.
Sorry if this got posted twice it dissapeared the first time I was writing it
It's not that I'm lazy; it's that I just don't care.
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do you guys think tattoos hurt? its weird how some people say they hurt like hell and some people say they barely feel it. ive never had one but i would like to know what it feels like
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