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beth wallbank's Avatar
Join Date: Mar-2002
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The worst Day of my life....

Had to vent and share with someone now that I have stopped crying and can type properly. Last night was the worst night of my life. Around 8pm, I was cleaning herps and doing the normal around the house and my dogs (staffies) started making a huge ruckus outside in their run. Their run is off my patio and they have access to the house through a patio door in my bedroom as well, but when I called them to come in, they didn't come. I knew something was wrong so I immediately ran for the bedroom door to take a look. I was horrified at what I saw. My two over 100lb each dogs falling down, drooling, tripping over their own feet. I ran out to Keigan, (my boy) who seemed obviously the worst, and it was the worst thing I have ever gone through. I scooped up one dog at a time (yes little me carried them to the truck) By the time I got down to the vets, Rogue (my girl) was too starting to convulse and shake uncontrolably. At this time I was crying so badly it was hard to see what was going on.
The vet showed up (after hours emergency) and helped me in with the dogs. I was holding Keigan, and he went absolutely crazy. Thrashing around, foaming at the mouth, trying to get up but couldnt. It was the worst thing I had to sit and watch. After 10 minutes of this, Keigan thrashed real bad, bit me hard in the arm, let out this blood curdling howl/cry, and he died.
The vet was working on my female at that time pumping her full of charcoal and stuff to make her vomit. He came in and I was just sitting there holding Keigan, covered in everything, and he was like oh no.
After everything had settled down and Rogue was hooked up to IV and sedated, blood work showed that someone felt that they had the need to poison the dogs. These two are the most passive, laid back, non aggressive staffies you will ever meet.
For the life of me, I can't figure out who, or why someone would ever do this to an animal.
After a night of crying, and now lost one of my best friends, I am back at home. I was with Keigan every day full time since he was just a pup. He would have been 3 this fall. Rogue will hopefully come home this afternoon, we shall see.
Well,, thats it, I just had to share. I have lost all faith and trust in the human race, the thought that there are cruel, heartless people out there that would destroy life like this.
I just wanted to say rest in peace Keigan. I am going to cry more now.
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I have no words to describe how I feel of this news, my condolences, I hope the people that are responsible are caught and tortured.

Hang in there.
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Beth, I don't know what to say... I'm absolutely shocked by this. I can't beleive the mentality of people who would do something like that. You can only hope the authorities will catch them, because if I did... I'd do the same damn thing to them.

My deepest condolences to you and your family. Here's to hoping that Rogue pulls through today.

Hang in there.

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Beth i am so sorry about keigan and i hope rouge gets better soon. I really hope you find the a@@*#%$ who did this. rouge is in my prayers.

I too was in the same place you were a about 6 years ago. I had a black lab, nicest dog ever, and she rarely ever barked. She was in my fenced in back yard. And somebody in the neighborhood poisened her with anti-freeze. It was a terrible site to see. This happend 2 times. then finally someone kidnapped her and i called every where looking to see if they had her (dogpounds) . No place had her. Then finally after about 4 months went by i found out that one of the pounds had her and they were told not to let the owner know because the dog had been abused. She was put to sleep. I found out this happend to 3 more people in my area. This highly pissed me off that someone had the nerve to do this just because they didn't like animals. ( we never found out who)
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Holy **** Beth....... I don't know what to say. Even though the time I spent with your dogs.... I agree with you 100% as to how passive they are (other than them cornering me in the bedroom last Easter). I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that Rogue makes it through ok....... give her a big hug and kiss for me..... Love ya sis.... HUGS AND KISSES for you and the family...... call me :^)
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Join Date: Nov-2002
Location: Toronto
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thats awful, all the best with the survivor...some people are just evil arent they..
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My condolences Beth. Maybe the dogs ate something that had some nasty things on it. Once my pup ate some nasty rotten food he found at the cottage, he couldn't walk for like 2 days...

-Mike Poplawski

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my shepard and his pup were poisaned by the people who live behind us they didnt make it im real sorry for you
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My condolances
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my condolances too......i hope they catch that sicko../....sorry
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My condolences...
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...Holy S#17...If I could cuss on this forum, trust me I would. I, also, Do not know what to say to this. I cant imagine how you feel. Hopefully whoever it was gets hit by a car or something. Im really sorry, I seriously dont know what to say. :-(
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im really sorry about your loss beth, you have my condolences as well.

i really hope whomever is responsible is dealt with in an appropriate or not!
Matt Rudisi
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I'm so very sorry.

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Oh God Beth ..........I am sooo Sorry ........If there is anything I can do .......I am only a MSN away
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