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I'm sorry to hear about your boy Keigan. I hope that Rogue pulls through. You have my prayers.
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Oh my god Beth!!!!!!! I am so sorry that you lost your baby cause of some stupid idiot. Why on earth would anyone want to hurt them? He was the sweetest dog too. I know how you feel cause we lost our dog just before Christmas to cancer. It took one week for the symptoms to lead to death, and there was never any chance that we could have saved him. Now i am crying. I wish I knew what to say to make you feel better. I just can;t get over how cruel people can really be. I feel like getting sick! I hope Rogue pulls through 100% and that you can find the person responsible. Can't believe the police - 'better things to do'. Makes me even sicker! A kid steals a candy bar and off to jail he goes, someone blatantly kills a defensless animal and it's no big deal. BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!! Again I am so sorry Beth. I hope you and your family feel better very, very soon. TTYL
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Hi Beth,

Sorry to hear of your loss, that's truly tragic. You have our support and sympathy.

Blind, unbridled rage is the dominant emotion I experience when these attacks take place. We've had several incidents in the last couple of years in Calgary involving serial dog poisoners. From what we've seen here, the best way to catch these people is to inform the neighborhood of what's taken place and watch for the culprits try the same on another dog.

I personally feel that the perpetrators should be staked to the ground and a pack of ravenous hyenas turned on them.

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Beth, I am so sorry to hear about this terrible accident . I just want to wish you comfort and peace and I hope everything is well with you, and when the time is right you can get another puppy. Take your time to mourn and get things out.
I know exactly how it feels to lose a best friend, as I lost mine 2 years ago. My poor Baby dog drowned in our pool in below zero degree weather and I jumped in to rescure her. Which didn't help at all because she was already gone . I'm so sorry Beth.
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Beth, Sheila and I extend our condolances to you and your family. Rage and sadness is what I feel, I can't imagine what you must be going through.

Medicine Hat has a problem with dogs being poisoned, some dog hater has been getting away with it for years. Can't wait until they find that *******, I'll take out my frustrations on him for the fun of it.

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Old 07-11-03, 04:51 PM   #36 (permalink)
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I am sorry for your loss beth.
Be strong.
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My heart just sank Beth, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you. I am at a loss for words........
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Good news and bad. Rogue's fever has broke and she is now alert and wanting to move around. The bad news, this has more than likely affected her liver, maybe other organs. We won't know till further blood testing has been taken.
Also, to update the situation, there have been four poisonings in the city area I live in, all random, and all to dogs. All not surviving. A bit of a reassuance that it was not a target thing, but still painful all the same.
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jeesus, beth, I'm so sorry to hear that. how terrible...
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What the hell, ppl do that......
I would freakin kill em!!!!

Stupid PPL!!

I cant belive some1 would do that!!....IM sorry about ur loss..!

I'm getting my first dog this sunday, A HUSKY...
I can belive ppl would poison dogs--What the hell is wrong with them!!!!!...
Im speechless!
Im sorry

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Old 07-11-03, 08:56 PM   #41 (permalink)
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Beth and Kevin and Kids....barely know what tyo say to you all....David and I knew the dogs of course. Sometimes our fellow humans let us down real bad and this for sure is one of those times. You'll let us know if there is anything we can do to help. Take care and be brave.....Andrea and David.
p.s. I would phone but I'm too upset right now.
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I'm so sorry to here about Kiegan Beth.

I have known Kiegan for a long time and he was an incredible dog, I am so glad my pup bull has grown up to be just like his dad. I hope Rogue can make a full recovery and I hope to see her the next time I visit. Hang in there Beth, I know how much your animals mean to you, especially your dogs.
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thats the worst thing i have ever heard...those people who did that to your innocent dog should get nailed by a truck and tortured. You have to be pretty F****D up to do somthing like that. My deepest sympethy for you
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Old 07-11-03, 09:40 PM   #44 (permalink)
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I am very sorry to hear about your dogs........i am also at a loss for words, just makes me sick sometimes to be part of the human race at times. I hope Rogue makes it thru, being a staffie, they have more heart then any dog i know of
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I saw the same thing on tv! exept the dogs survived. Im sure rogue will be fine after a couple weeks or months.
Good luck,
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finished reading this you realize
that you have wasted
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