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When/how to clean a tank>?

Everywhen do you have to clean the tank of a ball python. I use reptibark.
EveryWhen do you clean the reptibark bark?
Any other thing?
Alex (Ball python)
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I do a full clean once a month so I replace the bedding and tank the tank outside & clean it with a %5 bleach solution. Of course the water should be clean & disenfected when ever fouled.
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I change the substrate once a month and spot clean whenever necessary. I use two sets of water bowls and change water every 3 days or when water is dirty. Every month, I will disinfect the whole tank with 20% chlorhexidine solution. Of course observe the condition of the animal, substrate and watch out any foul smell is important to know the tank is clean or not.

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I would ad that all cage furnshings should be soaked in a bleach and water solution while you are cleaning the cage and rinced and let to dry B4 puting back in the cage so you will need a temporary cage for almost an hour (rubermaid).

That is why ppl use rubermaids it is easy to clean and not time consuming.
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I use papertowel, or newspaper, so whenever the snake urinates or defecates it all gets replaced. I do a full cleanout using hydrogen peroxide as needed. I don't really have a schedule... I just play it by ear Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar are some of the best cleaning agents to use. They not only kill more germs than bleach, but they are also non-toxic I generally just use peroxide in a spray bottle and wiped dry for routine cleaning, if it is a complete disinfection (say from snake to snake) then I use vinegar over top of the peroxide and rinse well.
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i use indoor outdoor carpet with one and have 6 pieces that fit my tank. I change them out every other day for 5 days then feed and leave it alone for two days. I clean the glass with viniger everyday and change the water everyday for both snakes. With the other shes in a 55lt sterlite tub with newspaper. I change the paper out every day for five days. I also clean it with viniger everyday
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For those of you who clean using bleach solutions, it's a good idea to rinse with salt water, not regular water - this will dilute the chlorine fumes which can be very toxic.
- Ken LePage
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