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Grant vg 07-05-02 01:12 PM

Our newest addition!!!!!
weve been looking for a pure white pit for a looooong time!
out of purecoincidence, walking our adult male red nose...a women approached us and look what we got!:bugged: hehe

Shes a Texan Black Nose......

were not sure what were gonna call her, anyone have any ideas....she does have one light brown ear so i was thinkin about namin her "piedball" lollololol after corey's beaut....
No but really, got any good names?

OOOOO were so happy!
but once again we are broke...:eek: 07-05-02 01:23 PM

Call her Brooklyn... i think thats a dope name for a female pit!!! IM MAD JEALOUS!!! i want a pit SO BAD!! to bad my parents are wack... :P

Linds 07-05-02 02:36 PM

Aw she's sweet :) that's the real reason that cats have to go! ;)

Darren Hamill 07-05-02 03:44 PM

She's a cut little pup Grant! :)

Yve 07-05-02 03:50 PM

what a sweetie......:)

Richard Welter 07-05-02 03:51 PM

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ya these two dogs (min pins) like to lick each other and each stray crickets and baby mice that escape. Enjoy the pic

K-DOG 07-05-02 05:06 PM

Nice MinPins, They are on my want list!!!

Shane Tesser 07-05-02 11:08 PM

doggie name
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Hey what about tyson, or know the whole brown ear...bite an ear thing, lol.....since were posting dog pic's here is one of mine, a very robust minpin named skip who is over ten years old but going strong. Forever will he be my puppy.

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