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nuno 07-08-03 07:37 AM

It was nice to see you all at the show
Hi everyone, I just wanted to say that it was nice to see you all at the show. :D I even got to put a few more names to a few more faces, it was nice to finally meet Lisa, doe-noe, Rachel S, Iculizard and serpentlust. I hope I didn't forget anyone:D if I did sorry:D. I want to thank everyone for an awesome time!! I especially want to thank Grant Crossman for putting together another great show.


Linds 07-08-03 08:24 AM

I had a blast as well! The show itself was oddly slow for what it usually is, but I still had a blast talking to everyone. Shows are the only time I get to see most of you! :D

Colonel SB 07-08-03 10:38 AM

It was a great show I didn'y get to meet to many ppl wich kinda sucked lol I only met Teresa and Mardy from here.

Lisa 07-08-03 10:57 AM

Had a great time and finally got to meet a few people that I missed @ every show (ie nuno).

reptilez 07-08-03 10:59 AM

I was so angry that i couldnt come. at the last minute my parents heard that my aunt rented a cotage and i had to go with them.
But all i heard was good things from my friend:D

RachelS. 07-08-03 11:55 AM

It was so awesome! I had a great time! I heard from many people that the show wasn't as good as the other ones, and didn't have as many people. But at least I got to meet a bunch of people from :). I'm glad I got to actually got to go... it was one of the highlights of my summer :D

HeatherRose 07-08-03 07:47 PM

It was great to see you too nuno! I'm going to try very hard to forget you didn't mention my name :P


Dozer 07-08-03 07:58 PM

I got to meet a whole lot laod of people :) Some people saw my "other" side down stairs :) A great pleasure for me meeting Daan, Rachel, Shane, Melly, Heather, Kate, Beejay, Roy Stockwell and his posse, Linds and to everyone else who I have had a conversation with but are roughly "new" to me :D

Thanks again guys :)

BAZ 07-08-03 08:06 PM

Nice to meet you too "phudee palwaan"! Hahaha.

Yeah it was great to see everyone again and some others that I have chatted to but never met before. It was brief though. I think that before the next show we should all get together the night before or something and chill someplace.

Melly18 07-08-03 08:12 PM

Re: It was nice to see you all at the show

Originally posted by nuno
I hope I didn't forget anyone:D if I did sorry:D.
Yeah you forgot me! :p lol Nice meeting you too and everyone else! I still can't beleive Daan showed up at this show! hehe :D

Smitty 07-08-03 08:34 PM

I wish I could have seen more people from here. I was there early and didn't get to spend much time there (9:15-10:00.) It was a great show and I managed to pick up some of what I wanted.

nuno 07-08-03 10:33 PM


Originally posted by BAZ
Nice to meet you too "phudee palwaan"! Hahaha.
Baz, my "Pajit"(brother)! Ki Hala? dika pajit.I was glad to see you again. I can't wait to do that trip we discussed.

Melly18, Heather I had the pleasure of meeting you at the last show/party. I enjoyed the luaghs we you girls are cool. It was nice to actually get to talk face to face.

Heather, I hope you liked

I just listed the people I met for the first time.


HeatherRose 07-09-03 08:43 AM

LOL popeye's was awesome, thanks for that....

Hope to see you at the next show :)

katev17 07-09-03 11:07 AM

Pfft just cuz you met us already doesn't make us any less list worthy!! :(

I'll be sure to check out the music scene and let you know about it, Nuno... actually I lied, I'll stick to assuming that all the Ottawa 'clubs' play hip hop and just not go. :)

It was nice seeing you again!!

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