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Grant vg 07-08-03 01:53 AM

for ALL pit lovers...:) (Damien / Dunner LOOK)
Didn't get to take my pitty with me on vacation like i planned.
Missed him soooo much , i decided to get this :D

This was done by Neil from "Perfect Image" stationed in London when not doing tats in Grand bend during the summer.
It was all done free-hand from a pic i printed up on paper.

Not bad if you ask me! :D

PS, it looks much better once all the swelling came down and the blood was washed away

Bryce Masuk 07-08-03 02:00 AM

Nice now he will always be with you
I want to get a black blood wrapped around a ******* sword

LISA127 07-08-03 05:23 AM

very cool! i volunteer at my local humane society and see a lot of ppl who treat their dogs like dirt. it's good to see someone who really loves their dog. i think it looks great!

Grant vg 07-08-03 11:23 AM

Thanks guys!
A black blood would be cool :D

Definately something you have to show me if you get it!


boa 07-08-03 12:14 PM

nice pic gotta love the pit bulls

Linds 07-08-03 12:15 PM

Cool tat! :D

Dunner 07-08-03 12:26 PM

right on grant...looks good, i'm planning on getting one of my dogs, soon whenever i can afford it and have the time

Mike177 07-08-03 12:49 PM

very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RachelS. 07-08-03 01:52 PM

awesome tattoo!!

Lisa 07-08-03 02:22 PM

Great tat.

Amyelaine 07-08-03 05:36 PM

That looks really good Grant. I have a weak spot for guys with Pit Bulls and Tattoo's so you've really got me on this one!!
It's Hot!!

Matt_K 07-08-03 05:47 PM

looks amazing for a free-hand tat with soo much detail man!! Good Job indeed!!! 07-08-03 06:51 PM

Damn, nice tat man!!! :) Now all you have to do is start pumping some iron and that cute puppy face will become furious in no time!! LOL!! :P Just playin!!! Looks great! :D

fiend_evil69 07-08-03 06:55 PM


Clownfishie 07-08-03 07:31 PM

Very cool Grant! :)

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