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Message and Invitation to Ottawa Herpers

Hey Folks,

Well I got involved in snakes back in Nov. 2002, so by all rights I am still a newbie. However, I have seen a lot of new people since then from the Ottawa area. Personally I would love to meet anyone from the Ottawa and surrounding area, hey even those from Montreal would be great.

Therefore would anyone be interested in taking part in a social get-together, to tell stories, swap lies, make new friends and contacts and generally just have a good time. This would not be a herp show, leave your babies at home (this way there would be no hassles from the insurance end of things). Just meet at say a local restaurant or bar.

No solid plans right now, just a thought. Any one interested? I would be willing to assist in the setup if anyone wishes to help. All ages would be welcome. It would be nice to meet those we all talk to on a regular basis here on line

Cheers for now
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Come to the Toronto Reptile Expo.....i know of about 10 ppl that are herpers in Ottawa that are making the voyage!
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Sounds great! I would love to come hwever, you would have to trash the bar idea I'm too young to set foot in a bar. Well, keep me up to date!
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HEy Jim there is a great reptile club in Ottawa. They meet regularly at various members homes or restaurants I belive. I iwll try and track down a contact for you. They are very good people in the group.

Grant Crossman
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Join Date: Dec-2002
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Shane: Much as I would like to get down there for the July show, it just is not going to fit into my schedule. Grant informed me of the show coming up in the fall I should be able to make it to that one.

Grant: Thanks, look forward to it. BTW, did you get my Pinky pump out the door yet?..

Emily: We'll see how it goes. If there are not enough people, I might just have a little BBQ at my place instead for those who are interested.

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Location: ottawa
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sounds good keep me posted
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i'd be interested...just let me know when you have something planned
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That would be great, flip me another burger.
And I'll come out of the hills.

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It sounds like fun! Count me in.

I'm going to jump in here for Grant as he's probably busy trying to get things organized for the show on Sunday.

Click here for the Ottawa Amphibian and Reptile Association website. They usually meet the first Tuesday of every month at a different members home. They do break up for the summer months as most people are on vacation and the like, so the next official meeting is in September sometime. On that website is a link for a mailing list that will keep you up to date on all the local happenings.


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As an FYI to those interested, we also have the "Montreal Herpetological Association". They meet once a month save for the summer months.

I unfortunately have not had the opportunity to attend one of their gatherings but surely plan to when they start up again in the fall.

I personally feel these types of forums and groups are indispensable to me. In my personal life, I am always considered a freak and total wierdo because I love herps. I get so tired of getting stupid comments regarding my passion that I find GREAT relief in participating with others that share the same hobby/passion that I do.

For once I have places where I feel I fit in and am not the wacko of the group!!! LOL

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