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The Boer War was purely britsh imperialism and only the english part of canada wanted to help (as usual) the u.s. had no involvement in the war and shouldnt have since it had nothing to do with them but they ALWAYS stick there nose where it shouldnt be

But anyways Happy 4th usa
"Far more crime and child abuse has been committed by zealots in the name of God, Jesus and Mohammed than has ever been committed in the name of Satan. Many people don't like that statement, but few can argue with it."
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I understand these threads on "reason's to be proud to be..." are mostly in good humor and just for fun, but some people here are taking these things way too seriously and are getting very offended! Why do the Americans and Canadians have to segregate so much here on Ultimately, who cares whether you're from north or south of the border? We're all on here, hopefully, to make friends, share stories and experiences, give advice and sell, buy, or trade some herps. Happy July 4th
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For one are military is one of the best in the world. In california if you get caught with pot all you get is a ticket. You only go to jail if its over an ounce. We may start the wars but we also help them rebuild their nation after. We are the most helpful country out there. We're always sending money to people and food. We might have used in in the ww's but in this day and age we don't need help from anyone. And the comment about us backing you up because you needed our help you couldn't do it without us you were getting your butt kicked so like US always being captain save a hoe we went over there. Happy 4th of July
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ok alot of people want to talk about vietnam aparently but i would go on for such a rant i am not going to get started except VETNAM BAD!!!! in my opinion canida and europe are boath supperor. i am not trying to bash america but i am pissed of at america right now for all this war sh*t but i am going to stop now and say we should probly stop ranting on this thread and do what jeff wants us to do and not get too political.
"Those who desire to give up Freedom in order to gain Security, will not have, nor do they deserve, either one." -Thomas Jefferson
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Hey! I have dual citizenship. My Mom was a Canadian when we were born and my Dad was a GI (U.S. Navy) She took her citizenship test in 1977, we were so proud of her! I love both countries and still visit with my relatives in B.C. when I get the chance. (they're so far away now... )

Y'know it's cold in some parts up may be fun to snuggle up to our neighbors up North!

Hey, happy holiday, if you're in Canada...make one up!
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You know what?

Everyone keeps letting these ridiculous political discussions get out of hand and I wouldn't be surprised if one day the mods/owner decides "no more off topic posts"

That sure will be sad especially since some of us DON'T participate in these things, and we ENJOY other off topic posts.

I have said this before, but I am saying it again, members here are LUCKY they are even allowed ONE off topic post. Most forums hardly put up with any of them. Some worse than others. But here we are pretty much allowed to share non-herp things within reason. But I have no doubt one day this constant posting of war, politics and "american canadian" this and that will end all off topic posting for everyone.


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My idea kicks! Everyone take my advice.
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