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Man, I'm lost for words. All I can say is that, having to put an animal down yourself is the worst thing I can imagine doing. I've done it too many times (at the SPCA) that nowadays just a thought makes me sick in the stomach.

I hope you're feeling a tad bit better by now my friend. Take pleasure in knowing that you did the best thing for him. You gave him a good life, made him a friend and in a time of helped him. Yes you did.

RIP NumNum
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My heart frozed when I read your post, that must be the hardest thing to do...sorry for your lost Baz.
I am sure he/she is at a better place.

RIP NumNum
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Sorry to hear about your loss Baz.
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I am sooo sorry to hear about your parrot. I don't know what to say. But being an animal lover and having a close bond w/my own pets, my heart goes out to you.
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I'm deeply sorry for your loss and crying my eyes out reading this thread. I too lost a bird to a horrible accident and even though it was 2 years ago the pain is still pretty fresh.

Saffron was a dark-eyed yellow clearwing budgie that spoke a few words and phrases and absolutely adored me. She used to fly to my shoulder all the time to croon a few choice words in my ear. Something like "Crikey, love you pickle ******* hello Saffron" was her usual phraseology. She used to stand on my collar with her head behind my ear and one foot twined in my hair.

One day I thought that was what she was doing and sat down in my wheelchair. It turned out she was hanging upside down from my collar and her neck was broken against the handle of the chair as I sat.

I've finally forgiven myself for the accident itself but I don't think I'll ever stop missing my small sweet yellow Peep of a budgie. Don't beat yourself up for your own mistake, try to focus on the bond you and NumNum shared rather than the cause of death. He was happy and adored and you gave him a very good life.
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This is some of the saddest stuff I have ever read. I'm sorry to hear about your bird BAZ. Hang in there.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm completly speechless at that story, but you did what was right. Even though he will never be replaced he will live on forever in your heart and mind.
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thats so sad, i never had a cat or a bird but if i did and that cat hurt/killed my bird i wouldnt know what to do, thats so depressing, take care of urself man.
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