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Old 06-30-03, 10:45 PM   #76 (permalink)
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Well it wasn't all of my letter just some parts. I have to say I was a little surprised that it made the paper and the phone call from some of the WSPCR members thanking me really made my day along with the e-mails.
As for moving to BC well you guys start building me a house and then it just might happen. LOL
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Hey Walter.....did you have anywhere in mind in "Beautiful BC" for a house.. haha. Happy Canada Day to you and Bonnie and the kids....Andrea and David
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Old 07-01-03, 09:26 AM   #78 (permalink)
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I got another reply from Surrey.

I'm not sure who is spreading this story, but Surrey is not banning exotic
animals, rather we are banning the sale of exotic animals. those who can
properly care for these animals will not be affected by this bylaw.
Marvin Hunt

Well from what I seen I liked most of BC. I will chat with Bonnie and see what she has to say. LOL
WALTER @ Mice & Things
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Old 07-01-03, 01:15 PM   #79 (permalink)
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Nice letter Walter Hopefully with all the responces they are getting ,this might change a few minds
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Old 07-02-03, 06:38 PM   #80 (permalink)
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This may come as offensive to many people, but i just got a reply from a reply form one of the councillors in BC. I replied to him saying:

'I agree, people who don't know how to care for these animals should not be able to purchase them. Why though must we all get punished for the select few who give us a bad name. I say give PET STORES regulations and size limits on animals they are allowed to sell and leave the breeders alone. On this topic, there are certain individuals who's source of income is revolved around breeding reptiles, do you guys every think of things like this?'

His response:

Our target is the pet stores. Personally, I've not thought of breeders as I've never considered breeding reptiles a full time occupation. Marvin Hunt

I don't know, that could be seen as offensive or not I cannot tell the tone in what he was saying.
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Old 07-02-03, 07:18 PM   #81 (permalink)
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My take is he's just saying he never thought of breeding reptiles as a full time occupation. I would respond with Even if it's not a full time occupation it's still an income and that often taxes are collected on it.
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Old 07-02-03, 08:11 PM   #82 (permalink)
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The other thing to be carefull of, is to not add fuel to a "puppy mill" kind of argument.

Maybe he thinks the only people who could make a living off of breeding reptiles are those who have thousands of snakes cramped into their basements like an Asian food market.

But most people don't have a clue that people actually breed reptiles as a hobby, much less as a source of income.

At our reptile shows, most people (more than 70%), assume that we have travelled to far away places to catch all of these snakes. They are shocked to learn that 98% of our collection is captive bred animals, and that most of them were hatched right here in Canada.

I then usually go into the speil about there being 2700 species of snakes alone, but not enough zoos in the world....

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