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Old 06-23-03, 09:39 AM   #1 (permalink)
Join Date: Sep-2002
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Age: 36
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here is a fun question everyone can answer...

What species are on your WANTED list? lol, try and keep it to ones you'd actually plan on getting and so a post doesn't last forever, how about the top ten or so?

My wanted list is as follows;

0.1 patternless leopard gecko
0.1 hypo tangerine leo
0.1 tangerine albino banded leo
fire skink
corn snake (unsure of which morph I prefer)
Musk or mud turtle
1.0 sudan plated lizard
1.0 panther chameleon
crested gecko

lol, leos I will probably get this year, and hopefully a fire skink and plated lizard (assuming I can figure out what type of enclosure I need and WHERE it would go), corn snake, chameleon and crested are lizards I'd like to get in the next few years(chameleon I have to wait till I get a bigger place when i mvoe out of TO so I can have a big enough enclosure), and the turtle i will get whenever a CB happens across my path!!
2.0 ribbon snakes, 0.1.1 bearded dragons, 0.0.2 occellated skinks, 0.01 bibrons gecko, 0.2 redsided garter snakes, Mississippi map turtle, RES turtle & leopard geckos!
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Old 06-23-03, 09:49 AM   #2 (permalink)
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Join Date: Oct-2002
Location: Netherlands
Age: 38
Posts: 838
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I will be purchasing 2 baby beardeds somewhere in august. Working on their enclosure now. And when they are older (something about a year or so) i wanna buy a veiled chameleon. I think i can squeeze a cage in my room for one of those
0.2 Bearded Dragons: Bep & Truus
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Old 06-23-03, 09:59 AM   #3 (permalink)
Join Date: Jun-2003
Location: Ottawa
Age: 30
Posts: 1,380
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1.0 ambilobe panther chameleon (i can get one for sure)

and the rest i know i cant have ... parent limited me to 1 more

1.0 jackson's chameleon
1.1 parson's chameleon
1.0 nosy be panther chameleon
1.1 pink panther chameleon
1.0 savamba panther chameleon
1.0 ds panther chameleon
1.1 redxpurple bar ambanja chameleon
2.5 pygmy leaf chameleon
2.5 bearded pygmy chameleon
2.3 dwarf panther chameleon
1.0 giant spiny chameleon
1.0 tammative panther chameleon

i think thats about it ... LOL
if only i had parent who love chams as much as i ... and i had a decent income and a lot more space ... working at mcds does not cut it ... thank god for the loan agency ... my dad!!! LOL
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Join Date: Dec-2002
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Age: 29
Posts: 1,619
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0.0.1 indigo snake
0.1 cuvier's dwarf caimen
0.0.1 white-lipped python
0.1 borneo short-tailed python
1.1 sunburst veiled chameleons
1.1 crested geckos
0.0.1 panther chameleon (hopefully. I think they're cool)
0.0.1 chondro python
0.0.1 irian jaya carpet python
1.0 scrub python (either southern or barneck locality)
1.0 dwarf reticulated python (super dwarf x jampea cross)
0.0.1 west african gaboon viper
0.0.1 eyelash viper
0.0.1 forest cobra
1.1 false water cobras

That's about all I can think of for right now. It'll take me a long time before I get all those, heh
Who are you callin' a freak?!

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Join Date: Mar-2003
Location: St. Louis, MO
Age: 39
Posts: 2,272
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I will get all of these between now and a few years

a few more leos, not quite sure on exactly which morphs carrot-tale, super hypo tang., tremper albino, and some tangarine jungles. i want them all. lol
0.1 nile monitor
hopefully after plenty of research (not for a few years) hopefully a emerald tree boa.
And some more corn snakes.

theres plenty more i want but those are ones i em definatly getting.
1.2 Bearded dragons (Login, Raven, & Jean Grey) 1.1.1 Corn snakes(Havoc,Sable, & Kink0 1.5 Leo's (Psyloke (Lucky-male) Speedball, Domino, Rouge, Siren, Elektra) 1.0 Veiled Chams (Neo), 0.1 Rose Hair T. (Night Crawler) 0.0.3 Crested Geckos (Shiva, Storm, Beast) 0.2 Kenyan Sand Boas (Tigra & Cloak)
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Old 06-23-03, 11:04 AM   #6 (permalink)
Squamata Concepts
Gregg M's Avatar
Join Date: Jan-2003
Location: USA
Age: 42
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I think I want to start working with deasert horned vipers.....
"A sure fire way for a government to lose control of something is for them to prohibit it."
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Join Date: May-2003
Location: Southwestern Ontario
Age: 38
Posts: 1,608
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Red-Tail Boa
Veiled Chameleon
Spur-Thigh Tortise

All of these will be down the road a bit. I'm feeling a little insecure since I can't even get my new bp to eat.

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Old 06-23-03, 11:53 AM   #8 (permalink)
Join Date: Jun-2003
Location: Toronto/Canada
Age: 36
Posts: 921
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Spur-Thigh Tortise mabey a breeding pair, or red foot pair

And a breeeding pair of every Cham species ond colour morphs

lol and one day this will hapen lol
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Old 06-23-03, 12:03 PM   #9 (permalink)
Join Date: Apr-2003
Location: New York
Age: 38
Posts: 18
There are two species I'm after right now:

1) Western Hognose

2) Hogg Island Boa
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Old 06-23-03, 12:11 PM   #10 (permalink)
alan's Avatar
Join Date: Apr-2003
Location: Toronto
Age: 40
Posts: 262
1) leos, preferably tangerine, carrot tail or striped
2) red eyed tree frog
3) poison dart frog, not sure which kind, haven't done enough research on them yet
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Old 06-23-03, 12:15 PM   #11 (permalink)
Join Date: Feb-2003
Location: Toronto
Age: 35
Posts: 653
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Vietnamese Rain Frogs.
Croc Monitors.
Albino Malayan Horned Frogs ( if exist )
Nice Copperheads.
Wangler Viper
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Join Date: Jun-2003
Location: Pulaski, Virginia
Age: 29
Posts: 341
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within the next two years i want to get:

1.0 pacman frog
0.1 pacman frog
0.1 albino cali. king
1.0 poison arrow frog
0.1 poison arrow frog
1.0 veiled chameleon
1.0 eastern hognose

i guess that's it for the moment
1.0 albino cali. king snake(Diego)1.0 0.0.1 Blue-Tongued Skink (Oz)1.0 western hoggie (Tiki)0.0.1 amel creamsicle corn (Leo)0.0.1

ssssoon to come...albino burmese python (2 days and counting)
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Join Date: Feb-2003
Location: T.O.
Age: 29
Posts: 1,182
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Im planning on getting a male Temper Tangerine Banded Albino VERY soon. And maybe in a year or so i want to get a female Frilled Dragon
I cant Wait!!
1.1 BDs
0.1 Leopard Gecko-->Lookin for Adult male(anything cool)
0.1 Ball
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Old 06-23-03, 01:03 PM   #14 (permalink)
fateamber's Avatar
Join Date: Apr-2003
Location: England
Age: 29
Posts: 558
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My wanted list

- scrub python (soooo cute)
- more bps
- different corn morphs
- red tailed boa
- hogg island boa
- jungle carpet python
- irian jaya carpet python
- some reptile that isn't a snake
and finaly - a green tree python!
"Is she not right, is she insane?"
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Old 06-23-03, 01:05 PM   #15 (permalink)
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Join Date: Apr-2003
Location: England
Age: 29
Posts: 558
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and a hognose (not sure which)
"Is she not right, is she insane?"
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