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impaction - need a little help


one of my leopard geckos has an impaction and i was wondering how some of you treat your animals for this problem.

a friend of mine said that i should take it off the substraight (that crushed up walnut stuff) and put it on paper towel than give it a mixture of 25% gadorade, and 75% water so that it has the neutrients it needs while i treat it.

as for treating it i was told to give it 1 cc of olive oil two times a day untill it can eat and deficate properly.

well any help would be awsome or ways to treat it.


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Ive never heard of Olive oil to treat impaction, but mineral oil is used in many cases. I would suggest taking your gecko off the substrate (and IMO never putting it back on crushed walnut again), and housing him on paper towel at least until he is fixed (papertowel is by far the best substrate for leopard geckos IMO, easy clean, monitor feces easily, cannot lead to impaction - leos are infamous for eating substrate). As for the gatorade/water part, that has nothing to due with nutrients, all it contains is trace minerals (well, pretty much just salt and sugar) that help with dehydration. Now I have heard of people makin a sort of "slurry" for leos with banana and mineral oil (and some sort of other fruit I believe too), but it doesnt come to mind right now.

It doesnt sound like a bad plan, but I would recommend replacing the Olive oil with mineral oil. And also maybe the gatorade with Pedialyte (no dyes and crappy additives). If it doesnt clear up soon you should get him to a vet for treatment, dont let it go too long or it may be too late

Good luck
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i took him off the subtraight and he is on paper towel, i am starting the first treatments tommorow. ya it just kills me to see him to see him in his new enclosure but oh well he has to deal with it. Ya, this is my first problem ever in 3 years of keeping reptiles/amphibians and i am just in shock. well i am hoping and basically praying that everything turns out ok because i love him to much.

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Sorry to hear about your little guy! I just use the reptile carpet with our gecko - it's easy to clean and looks nice.

I would recommend the pedialyte over the gatorade, too. I'm not sure if it would apply for gecko's - but if she's not eating I've used the AdCham Bug Juice recipe for rescued chams and it works like a darn!

A warm bath doesn't hurt either!

Best of Luck!

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