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Lisa 06-21-03 10:28 PM

the gardener - UGH
Did you hear about the gardener who was arrested after the cops found herbicides in the back of his truck? He was charged with possessing weapons of moss destruction.

RachelS. 06-21-03 10:38 PM

lol that's umm... interesting :p

Dozer 06-22-03 09:55 AM

You spelt MASS wrong ;)

doenoe 06-22-03 10:32 AM

hehehehe, great :D

SCReptiles 06-22-03 11:20 AM

where did you get the info on that?

Canadaherp 06-22-03 11:32 AM

its a joke people!

Tim and Julie B 06-22-03 03:00 PM


Solid Snake 06-22-03 10:24 PM

im lost...

Lisa 06-23-03 01:22 AM

I hate ruining a joke by explaining it but...
It's a play on words, MOSS being vegitation and thus subject to herbacides sounds alot like MASS (meaning great). So no, it wasn't misspelled, it's not a news artical, it's just a joke that's meant to make you groan.

Invictus 06-23-03 12:25 PM

And groan I did.... LOUDLY. :)

Samba 06-23-03 02:31 PM

Good Pun!

jncoclub 06-24-03 11:00 AM

That was more difficult than intended.
It got a smile out of me though.

Dozer 06-24-03 05:43 PM

I know its not spelt wrong! lol

MAN OF STEEL 06-25-03 11:01 AM

i understood the joke lisa. the thing that i liked the most was when dozer said you spelt mass wrong. lol
not cracking on you dozer, but that was pretty funny.
good one guys.

python_diva_06 06-25-03 11:22 AM


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