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Bark on branches

Is it ok for bark to be on climbimg branches(cherry wood in this case) or does it need to be taken off? If it does need to be taken off, why?
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I have always left bark on the logs for my igs. It is quite hard for them to dig claws into it to climb on a hard wood without the bark.

I have never noticed any problems with leaving it on.
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Leaving the bark on is fine.
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I would have to say it depends on if you are using wood that's been dead for a while or just freshly stripped it from a tree. wood that has been sitting for a while has a higher chance of having insects living in it.
You probably want to bake the wood regardless, less chance of parisites that way.
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Thanks for the replies guys!

Lisa: I am planning to soak the wood in a water/bleach solution for 24 hours and then place it in the oven for 20 minutes.
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May want to treat the wood for parasites prior to introducing it to the enclosure. De-parasite the wood and I donít think it will make a difference if you leave the bark on. I think the animal would prefer it, seems it would be easier to climb.
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