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Join Date: Nov-2002
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My mom, sister and brother all like my snakes. My dad used to hate them but now will hold them far away from himself. My grandmother will look at them and ask me questions about them but won't hold them. My aunt walked out of the room when I took out my leopard gecko so that pretty much sums up what she thinks of my snakes! All the neighborhood kids ask to see my snakes whenever they are over. No one thinks I'm strange for keeping snakes as far as I know...
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Terrified of everythin' 'cept my "cool lookin' green frogs that stick to glass"
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My brother loves snakes and reptiles in general.
My mom talks to my leopard geckos, handled a corn at a reptile expo but doesn't want me to have one! :@ If anyone has tips to convince her I will gladly take them!!
My dad couldn't care less about reptiles.
The rest of my is very poorly informed about reptiles. Most of them think that snakes are slimy! Of course I tell them thats not true and that they are very soft but they give me "that look" like i'm crazy.
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My sister hates 'em, my dad thinks that they are cool but won't touch my snake and my mom just thinks that they are awesome!! My parents really really support my hobby, though, and so if anything ever goes wrong, they are always there for me
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Mom - Doesn't REALLY care, is more scared though
Dad - Gets a kick out of the Ribbon Snake, hates Montey
Grandma - Frightenned to death
Grandpa - Hasn't really seemed to care, get a kick out of grandma being scared
Aunt - Likes them well enough in their homes
Cousin - Deathly afraid (I'm happy about it)

"A rattlesnake that doesn't bite teaches you nothing."
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Join Date: Jun-2003
Location: Ottawa
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My family is pretty much fine with them. My Dad tolerates them and doesn't care as long as they stay in my room. It's not that he doesn't like them, it's just that he doesn't want vivariums sitting around the house.
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The whole family loves dogs, nobody is particularily fond of cats, even though I have one. My dad is terrified of mice and rats and whatnot. My grandmother had a death fear of all reptiles, to the extent of ripping all the pages out of the encyclopedia and dictionary that had anything to do with them. My dad bought me my first reptile when I was 4. An iguana who is still alive and free-roams the house so the rest of the family is ok with her, she's more of a dog than anything to them. My dad's a bit afraid of snakes, but will hold them. My mom is more afraid and doesn't even like to be that close, she thinks they are gonna bite her if she gets too close. My sister and I do the leopard gecko thing together, I borrow all her males for my females. She's kinda scared of snakes a little bit too. My boyfriend is a cat person... but he's really starting to like my leos, I've walked in a few times to see him have them out claiming they wanted him to take them out. He could care less about the snakes... pretty funny I made him hold a bag with one of my borneos in it when we were driving, well he musked him through the bag and we had another 1.5 hours to go in the car My mom and sister love my tortoise, my mom brings him her hibiscus flowers in the summer. Everyone in my family likes select animals, but nonetheless are all animal people.
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Join Date: May-2002
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hmm let's see..
My 5yr [SIX IN OCTOBER MOMMY! as he keeps reminding me] loves them, cept the nasty green and red spots gecko *Tokay*, and the tarantulas freak him out a bit.
My daughter well.. she just looks.. too small to let them out near her, as she still has the "mouth is needed for touch" syndrom.

My brother would take all of my herps.. he's getting a beardie in about a month, cause I wanted him to have it all setup first.
My mom is cool about the leos, beardies, and frogs and toads.. she thinks the snakes are ok, doesn't like having frozen rodents in the freezer though [I live in my own house, but she watches my kids and sometimes needs to go in the freezer] and she HATES the tarantulas, as she's paranoid they will harm her human grandkids.
My dad well he's umm I really don't know.. he's not afraid or anything.. just thinks I shouldn't have so many..

Now the hubby.. he likes the snakes [cept "slugs" Bps, bloods, cept BIG girth to a short body, he likes corns, pines..] and pays for them all so I can't complain.. cept when he wants a certain snake and then doesn't wanna feed it.

my MIL just gave us some $ to go to the show in July and build/buy a rack for the herps.. she supports us, but doesn't like them in her house, or near the kids.. lol.. I think it's because her yorkie could be food for some of the snakes when they grow up.. LOL my step-father inlaw doesn't get it at all.. and that's ok.. my hubby's father isn't involved in our lives anymore so who cares... hubby's brothers and sister and sister inlaws .. well who cares what they think..
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Location: Pulaski, Virginia
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my mom didn't really care, but, now she' loves both of my snakes...she said she would have let me have one along time ago if she knew how neat they for my dad he can't stand snakes or rodents...oh well, he's loss!
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My mom LOVES all my herps, she handles them and everything. My sister like em, she will handle em every one in a while. My dad likes them but he doesnt handle em that often. He loves to go herping though. My cousing love em and one of my cousins has two breeding beardies. My aunt tolerates them, uncles like em. Grandparents are iffy but tolerate them. Most of my friends love them too!
Sean E.
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Originally posted by ReneeB
[cept "slugs" Bps, bloods, cept BIG girth to a short body, he likes corns, pines..]
lol... too funny. I call them slugs too. Here I thought I was being original. I love all snakes, but I'd have to say I do prefer the slenders to the heavy-bodies.
- Ken LePage
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Sad entire family hates my reptiles lol. But they still support my hobby.
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I'm thought of as a devil worshiper by most of the older members of my family. And thats not a joke. They beleive "serpents" are the devils tool. And I've been all but disowned for keeping them.
Snakes? I just like to teraform!
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That's funny,my wife thinks the same thing about snakes or at least people interested in snakes.
She actually asked me if I was devil worshipper once.
She hates snakes,even tiny little ring-necks.
Some people take Bible lore waaaaaaaay too literally.

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My family hates my reptiles....thats actually about 1/4 of the reason i don't live at home anymore. My mom and brother barely will enter my apartment...and when they do they just stick to the walls and keep scanning the ground cause they seem to think they are loose all over my place for some reason
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