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snake education

Hi, I hope everyone is doing well. I was hanging out with my red-tail Waldo last night when I realized how much free time I have right now.

One thing I have always wanted to do with my snakes is educate other people with them. Waldo is the perfect educational snake too because he's completely docile. (People have poked him right on the head and it bothers me more than it does him.) I remember when I was little someone came to my elementary school with some snakes and lizards to help educate little kids about them.

I would love to do something like that so that people can see how great snakes can be. I have 3 of a good starter size - Waldo is about 4 feet , George (Burmese) is about 5 ft , and I have a baby Dumeril (Jack) who is only about 25". I do moderately well at talking to a group once I get over my stage fright, and I'm passionate enough about herps get to over that.

So I was wondering if anyone knew anything about getting into showcasing. I am going to poke around on the internet and see if there are organizations for that sort of thing. I'm almost positive our local zoo doesn't do anything (mainly because it's one of the worst herp houses I've ever seen). If anyone knows anything about it or has any experience with this sort of thing, please let me know. I guess I've found my summer project. Thanks!

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I personally don't have experience with doing educationnal shows about reptiles and snakes but I admire anyone who wants to do such a great thing for kids and to teach people about herps.

I would suggest teaming up with another hobbyist or two in your area to get a bigger variety of reptiles to show and more beginner species. Extra hands to help out in your presentation I'm sure would be very helpful

Plan out all the details: presentation, handling and showcasing of animals, their transport, etc. Then do a practice show with some family or neighborhood kids to get a feel of how things would go.

All that's left is to make a flyer advertizing your service. Pass it around to organizations and schools and in no time I'm sure you will be very busy going around teaching people about reptiles!


P.S. I love your snake's names! I have a Waldo too
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Your local library and provincial park interpretive cnters are a good start, as they are always looking for attractions to fill their schedules. Education week at local schools is another venue to pursue.Neither of these venues have funding for these programs, but for those passionate enough to donate their time and expertise to such a cause, the emotional reward is spiritually far greater than the financial gain
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