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Cute things our Reptile do


I was just wondering If you could share what kind of cute/silly/dumb things your herps do that you thinkg are just so adorable.

I think it is cute when my leos gently sips water from a water dish. Dont get to see it that often but when I do, my heat melt... (cheesy is good too, I know you can do better than mine!!)

Ok, any one else care to share?? Pehaps even post some cute/sillly pictures too!!!
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lol! Sounds adorable

I think it's cute when my male chameleon hisses at me. No wait, that's just irritating

Actually, I once saw my fat-tails goin at it. It was really cute! When my chameleons do it its just disgusting.

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I think it's really cute when I walk into the room at night and my leopard gecko comes out of hiding and stares at me until I pick her up. Sometimes she even tries to walk on air, haha. Heres a link to a cute pic of her staring at me It's also really cute when she hunts mealworms and her eyes get huge!
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I think a lot of leos do this, but I love it when they stand up against the glass and try to climb it. It looks like they're dancing! lol One of my leos also used to climb a fake tree I have and sleep in the leaves.

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Hehe... I love these stories!!

I have a fire bellied toad, and he is kept with a bunch of small tree frogs. I must say he feels a bit left out at times because he cant climb the glass like the other frogs, but he dosent let his lack of toe pads prevent him from being like the other frogs! He will spend so much time trying to climb, and eventually he does get to the top, (some how, I dont know how, maybe it is mind over matter) the cute part is when he falls down and has to go though all the effort to get back up again. heheh....but he wont give up!! I have never seen such a determined amphibian before!
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My favorite thing that my baby does is when I'm cleaning the house. My 4 ft red-tail boa wraps around my tank top sleeve and bra strap and just curls up in a tight little ball on my shoulder. then he just rides around for a couple hours while i do my stuff. he doesn't care how hard I scrub stuff or where I bend over into, he just stays put and watches me work. I think he likes being on me when I get all hot and sweaty!
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One of my BPs, Sabbra, Is usually under the towels (substrate) in her cage. Last night at about midnight, she poked her head out and looked around for about 15 mins. Then she went inch by inch into her water bowl to get a drink. Shes such a funny little BP. Another things, when I get her out to free roam on my desk, she ALWAYS ALWAYS deliberatley tangles herself in the wires so i cant get her out. And if shes just on her way to do so and I grab her, she goes as fast as she can to try and get to anything to hold on to so she can stay out.
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I laugh every time i see my 1" S. Sthenodactylus digging in the sand! I'll try and grab a pic or two... wish i had a movie camera!

oh yea, also when he chases down a cricket... he stands still, and wiggles his little tail back and forth! i think it's only funny because he is soo small, and he acts like he is 10 times bigger then he really is!
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Originally posted by MartinW
but I love it when they stand up against the glass and try to climb it.
My beardie fell asleep in that position last night when the lights went out! I found him this morning out cold, pressed against the glass.
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Sounds real sweet, I think its funny when I lift up the lid of my corns tank and she just sits and stares as if to say "do you know your trespassing?"
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all of them do such silly and cute stuff it's hard to just share one story but i guess the funnest ones are my beardies.

Every once in a while i will put one of my large water dishes in thier cage instead of taking them upstairs and giving them a bath. My female was sitting at the edge of the dish getting a drink then out of noware my male comes running and jumps on her back then into the water bowl. (using her as a diving board) When he would jump in the water bowl duck his head under a few times. Then run around one of the big branches they have, run back behind her then do the hole diving board thing again. he did this like 10- 15 times. The whole time shes looking at me like get him the hell out of here he's lost his mind. ive only seen him do this on 2 seperate times but it is so hillarious to see.

I won't take up anymore time. But thats just one of so many funny or silly things they do
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I hab my bci out the other day holding her as I watched TV kicked back on the couch. She propped herslf up along my stomache and rested her head on my nose and just sat there staring at me in the eyes. I let her sit like that for what seemed like a half an hour until my eyes ached from going cross eyes looking back at her.
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I too love it when my little Smeagol(my male leo) drinks water out of his dish and eats mealworms which these HUGE eyes! It's also cute when i hold him up to my nose and he sticks out his tongue to give me a kiss It's also cute when Tafkap, my other leo, starts to scream whenever I wake her up She doesn't scream anymore, though. When I bought her, she even screamed at her food! She would see a mealworm, screem, then eat it
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I love the way my smaller ig begs for food. If his dish is empty or the greens have wilted and no longer satisy His Majesty's appetite, Amazon will stick his head under the waterfall and let water spray against the side of his climbing branch so I will hear it and come to see what's the matter.
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The weird thing my bci does is when I take him out and I'm watching tv with my knee up he rests his head at the top of my knee and will watch tv with me for as long as I'm there.
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