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morph 06-26-02 02:16 PM

oh the testosterone is flowing nothing make you feel more manly than wiring up some heat tape except maybe buildin some cages. Now i just have to get the balls enough to plug it in for the first time. Well I'm gonna go so if anyone needs help changin a tire on their car as thats pretty manly too. lol

Take it slow
scott 06-26-02 02:22 PM

LOL, i only go to work so i can feel the testosterone flow!! *flex* so i know how you feel!! teehee

Joe 06-26-02 02:29 PM


Dom 06-26-02 08:03 PM

I don't know about yo but My testosterone only gets going when i actually feel like my life is in danger!

For example, when I get striked by a Tiger Retic or by a 14 foot green anaconda ... now thas an adrenaline rush!

I personally like to work with the vicious ones for Corcadilians to the large boids.. and large monitors .. I dont get myself ..

The adrenaline rush is so good!\\


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