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Rather frustrating

I'm getting a kitten for my birthday (I'd get an adult cat, but I already have two adults and it's easier to introduce a kitten, in my experiences), so I decided to visit the SPCA with a friend of mine. When I was there, I absolutely fell head-over-heels for this one little long hair dilute tortiseshell (her ears make her seem part Maine Coon). I explained the situations I have (which are later explained) to the volunteer, and she said it'd be no problem.

Now, I don't drive, so of course I don't have a license. My school ID doesn't have my address on it, so it's useless with such matters. That was the main reason my friend came with me (she convinced me it wouldn't be a problem at all - she was very wrong).

Most of the people there were really nice, except for the one heinous bloodsucker that we got. My friend told me to just write down my information and not use hers. So I did. They asked if I was a homeowner. I explained that I live with my brother and father, and my father owns the house. They said they'd need to call him. Okay with me. Then they asked about vet references. Of course, I had another excuse (I REALLY wish my life wasn't quite so soap opera dramatic... it would sound a lot more plausible if it wasn't). My mom took care of the vet stuff and our pets do go to vets, but the cat vet I don't know because my mom never kept record of it and she died a month and a half ago. So I said the name of a vet that I remembered from when I was like five. I can easily get a new vet, but I'm not sure which ones have our records (and my father isn't either). They called the vet, and they had no record under my last name. Well, I was outside on the phone with my dad, and my friend told them to check under my mom's maiden name. Of course they were quite upset and said, "She has two last names and didn't TELL US?" (My mom used three last names - her maiden, married, and a combonation of both. It's rarely known which one she used at certain times)

So we left and I'm going back with my father tomorrow.

I can understand that a young adult girl coming in with so many excuses seems shifty, but the lady was flat out rude about everything.

The fact of the matter is, why do they really care? They're the SPCA. They're just going to kill the animals in a week to two weeks anyway. They need the extra space. I applaud them for being cautious, but seriously, they should be happy for anyone to come along and take the animals. It's not like they get very crowded there.

Gargh. Too complicated for me. So frustrating.
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Re: Rather frustrating

Originally posted by meckst
The fact of the matter is, why do they really care? They're the SPCA. They're just going to kill the animals in a week to two weeks anyway. They need the extra space. I applaud them for being cautious, but seriously, they should be happy for anyone to come along and take the animals. It's not like they get very crowded there.

Gargh. Too complicated for me. So frustrating.
They care because they would rather have the cat killed painlessly than give it to a home where it would be neglected or abused. I'm sure that you are a wonderful pet owner, but one really can never tell without some sort of credible referance. The SPCA see's some of the worst case of animal mistreatment imaginable, and do everything that they can to insure that it doesn't happen to any animal that they adopt out.
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I'm sure your a fine pet owner, but I'm glad to see the SPCA doing such thorough backchecks for possible pet owners.

Please don't bad mouth the SPCA, they have enough trouble without having one girl complain that she couldn't get her kitty when she wanted. Understand they are there for the animal, not for you.

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I have to agree with everyone so far. They really are just doing their jobs, and quite well too. I know what it's like to wait for an adoption, that's how I got my puppy, but be patient. Just have the info ready next time and then you won't have to worry.
Julie B.
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they're main concern is the welfare of the animal. and should be, too. doesn't matter that they need the space. they need to know the kitten is going to a wonderful home.
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I agree with what you guys have said but frankly I also think they need to chill out over there.

At every single SPCA I have been too they are rude, "paranoid" and they treat you as if you are a liar. You can be 100% about the animal without being rude to people and treating them like they are going to start beating the animal on the way to the car.

I get what they go through, I know, but frankly if they want more donations and more people to adopt their pets they need to change tactics from "militia" to "Hi lets talk about how you can take care of a puppy the right way" I just don't go there now and get my pets from the newspaper because of the way the local SPCAs have treated me and people I know. I thought it was just this area though!

P.S. they provide a great service, dont get me wrong. but dang they are downright scary sometimes. *L*
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I wont adopt from them because of the way they do business. If I wanna be treated rudely and get picked apart I can go to see my step mom. Sure they may be providing a service for the animals but by being rude they are turning away good people who just dont deserve and refuse to be treated in such a manner. I think they could do better and if they simply changed their attitude they would find it easier to place more of their animals in good homes.
Im with you Marisa, their policies are good they just need to hire more outgoing FRIENDLY people. I wont donate to them cause Im afraid it wont go to the animals but to the horrible people they have hired to work there.
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