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I dont beleive this

someone sent me this link:
I really dont beleive it but Id like to know what you guys think about it... thanks,00.html
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EEK!!!! I dont even wanna think about that........ Thats horrid to say the least. *shutters*

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The Herp Room

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i think its a bunch of could a baboon bite through a skull.its teeth are no more than 8 cm.and witchcraft?please,like there are witches flying around on brooms over Africa,yeah right.
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I think its totally fabricated, but a nice read.
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I could totally see a baboon doing it. They do have massive teeth and are quite vicious. But WOW think about that being a daily pest!
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how could a baboon bite through a skull.its teeth are no more than 8 cm
Umm think about what you just said. 8cm long basically 3.5" that could definately split a 3 month old's skull. Baboons are carnivorous. And witchcraft doesn't mean witches on brooms. In Africa they have many defferent beliefs, the witchcraft referred to is probably voodoo. Funny how none of her 5 children live to be over 1 year old. She must have really ticked off the wrong person.
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BS! lol
What kinda whitchcraft, I'm trying to figrue out. Anyone know? lol

Sounds pretty fabricated...
Dan Conner
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wow..that was pretty gruesome..I feel sorry for the mother having to watch that...hey! maybe the baboon saw Faces of Death, when those guys ate the monkey brain..and decided to try human to see if it too is a delicacie..i guess us humans had it coming...yikes..ok that was bad. There is no doubt an adult Babbon would easily be able to bite open a 3 months old skull.

The part about the baby still breathing after its brain was eaten what I have a hard time believing..maybe it was still twitching because of nerves..but I hightly doubt still breathing. Anyway, sounds like it could of happened but the truth was probably stretched a bit.
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*gags* It could happen. Baboons have immensly powerful jaws, strong enough to break an animals skull apart like a nut cracker and an almond! At 2 months a baby's skull is very soft, allowing for the brain to grow and as part of the birthing. Seems that it is quite possibly true, though i am not going to think of it much.*gags*
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That is true. Baboons have REALLY powerful teeth. Think of a dog biting a 3 month olds head...a large dog...baboons are stronger than dogs.

Scary thought. hopefully its NOT true. But I believe it could happen.

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Babies skull plates don't close until about 18 months, so yes, it is possible. The brain is one of the most nutritious parts of the body, and many animals instinctively know to eat the brain first - bears, for example, often eat only the brains of salmon and leave the bodies to rot.

However, the child could not breathe, or even twitch, without a brain. Not even for a few seconds. Brain death would be immediate with that type of injury, and any twitching would have stopped before the baboon had even dropped the baby. That statement makes the article suspect enough, without even the stupid supersticious witchcraft talk. That just puts the whole thing over the top.

That's my $.02, from a medical/Pagan/factual standpoint.

- Victoria :w
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ahhhhhh that's really scary *creeps under her covers and closes her eyes, then tries to sleep peacefully but can't*
Who are you callin' a freak?!
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Send a message via AIM to Alan311 i feel so sorry for the mom i wonder what is going threw her mind... wow.....
If you never go forward there will never be a past
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hey! maybe the baboon saw Faces of Death

OMG have you seen those videos they are discusting and disturbing i saw this one where a guy litterly cut a mans head off with a dull knife. and they are other like where they show people getting shot in the face and getting fryed in a electrical chair. uhhh DAMN THOSE SICK BAS*ERDS LIKE ME WHO WHATCH THAT FOR ENTERTAINMENT DAMN THEM TO HELL!!!!!!!!
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