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That sh*t is so nasty man, i saw the one where thy tied a a mans arms to the bumber of 2 cars and sped off in different directions, ripping his arms off. I almost threw-up:medpuke:

I believe the baboon did this, no doubt about it. There carnivourous(sp), Wild animals, and crazy.
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Yeah, Faces of Death is pretty nasty, but it really opens your eyes as to how quickly any of us could die.

As far as the babbon, I'm skeptical about the witchcraft thing, but the babbon could certainly bite through the skull of a 3 month old.


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They blame witchcraft! Thats just stupid! Why do they think someone would want a baboon to eat a babys brain?
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I think its posible! those guys are strong. Horrid post....

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A new article claiming they shot the baboon:

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Maybe the baboon didn't remove the whole brain,being chased off and all. There was something on TV recently,maybe Ripley's,
where a girl lived and did pretty well after having half her brain removed to save her from a brain infection. So I think the story is entirely possible. Baboons can be quite ferocious and will even eat prey while it is still alive. I once saw a show where a baboon was casually tearing strips of flesh from the hindquarters of a baby antelope who was obviously in shock and seemed almost oblivious to what was happening but otherwise alert with it's head held high and looking around.

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Old 06-15-03, 01:46 PM   #22 (permalink)
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Good point, Mr. Lizard, it's deep in the brain stem that controls heart and breathing and all that so important stuff. I do believe it could happen but I'm undecided whether that particular story is true.

I have a friend from college who is from Uganda and people in his country have a strong belief in witchcraft. Many people go to the local witchdoctor rather than a medical doctor when they are sick.
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Yeah I have seen those nasty videos or people haing their head cut off. I nearly threw up.
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I saw a clip where a six foot crock grabbed a young babboon and the males attacked the croc. They jumped up and came down with two handed smashes WWE style. A baboon attacking a croc. So they are fearless and strong. Don't count out that old school witchcraft some of it is some freaky s**t!
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Old 06-16-03, 02:57 PM   #26 (permalink)
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It could easily be true. I've read several biographies where big game hunters had seen baboons rip through people's arms and tearing them so pieces. If there are enough baboons they can kill full grown leopards.

About the witchcraft, I know someone who works for TEHIP (medical organization) in Tanzania. They have a huge problem with parents who instead of bringing their children who have malaria to their centre's will take them to witch doctors. They may also pee on them (to lower the body temerature), but they don't actually know why that helps.
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Old 06-18-03, 01:42 AM   #27 (permalink)
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I agree with everyone, baboons have incredibly strong jaws and large teeth and could easily split a babies head. And as Ed mentioned, over there and in many other places around the world, there are many different beliefs realted to withcraft and the like. As for the story, it couldve happened, but was most likely embellished a little
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Old 06-18-03, 04:10 PM   #28 (permalink)
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I believe it is possible since they tend to sometimes eat other small baboons or monkeys.
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i think that a crock of bull...yes maybe a baboon did kill a child, but, my god witchcraft??? i have one thing to say: WHAT THE CRAP!!!
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