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Well I have yet to lose one of my babies, But I plan on doing the same as Icequeen.
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I just bury them in this sandy spot by the side of my house. I have also had a vet dispose of my favorite leopard gecko's body and another vet that did the same with my gorgeous black blood python that I miss so much right now. I also have ashes from my first dog that got hypo-thermia and drowned in our pool (which, of course, I jumped in the pool when it was way below zero temps outside) .
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I have had one ball python die and i cept him in the freezer till garbage day. Im sorry rachel!!!! That sucks big time about your dog. : (

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I bury'em in my back yard.
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I like the idea about the preserved skeletons.
I was talking with a guy at the Orlando show one year about his reptile skeletons he was selling.
Some were just plain skeletons but a few were really cool.
He had a few that were combinations of monitor and chicken skeletons.
They looked like little dinosaur skeletons.

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I haven't had any pass, but when my friend's 16' burmese passed after 8 years, she skinned her. It took about a dozen 10 blades and bout 6 hours. I know it sounds morbid, but the skin makes a great display and she said it was a "letting go" experience.

I can definately see where she was coming from and I think that's what I will end up doing when the time comes. (of course that's not for another 30 years!)
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I have a hard time with this. I used to bury them in the yard, but the past few years I have abondoned that, I cannot use the front yard anymore because lately we have had a lot of stray cats around the neighbourhood, and I cannot use my backyard cause all the dogs will dig em up. I also can't seem to let them go as well as I used to anymore, so they just go in my freezer, I really need to do something about that though... I can't keep them forever.....
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If any of my snakes go, I plan on taking them to a taxidermist. That way I can still look at them as they were in life.
- Ken LePage
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I've buried snakes in my back yard, put a dead water dragon out with the trash, flushed lots of leftover mice and way too many fish, had a parrot cremated, but I've still got my 1st female Mandarin Rat snake in the freezer (since November 2002) . I'd concidered skinning her- she was a beautiful creature. I also tried to convince a friend of mine that it was very feng shui to keep a chinese snake in the freezer when he accidentally opened the bag.... Carl Hiaasen actually has a bit in one of his books about someone being attacked in his kitchen and beating the assailant with a frozen savana monitor. Think of it as last ditch home defense!
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